Route of Land(Path 107-The Ultimate Demon Fights Round Two Part Two)

“Satan murinzran!” Vlanad cast the spell. Six magic circles surrounded every one of them in a cubic arrangement. Then, evil waves were launched towards them and they were submerged in the darkness.
“Phantom blade murinzran!” They cast the spell together to remove the satan aura in their bodies. He was hit by lots of sickles slashed through the cubic magic circles surrounding him.
“How they did that? Looks like I cannot defeat them this way.” Vlanad charged himself with dragon aura and focused them in his right fist.
“Dragon fist!” Vlanad launched the attack. A dragon was launched on them.
“I dealt with this before.” Syrfan charged his sword with dragon aura and launched stanaldra to retaliate. Two side blades were launched as “dragons” as if a dragon was leaping on the ground and its image was reflected on a river. Both attacks cancelled each other. The side blades were returned to their original positions.
“Crap! How he did that?” Vlanad shocked when his attack failed. He took out his sword and charged it. The sword has only two blades separated by straight narrow silt.
“The atrope sword…this is bad!” Federick jumped and attempted to slash him but his attack was blocked when he launched a slash wave on Federick.
“I’ll try this.” Federick absorbed the slash wave using his mining axe and suddenly it emitting intense light.
“His weapon is upgraded; if he is lucky then he will receive a rare weapon.” Syrfan was excited. Then, the light faded and the mining axe turned into the docabirion.
“The docabirion…this is my chance.” He charged the docabirion with metal aura and threw it towards the ground. Then, it disappeared.
“Fool. I thought he will attack me.” Vlanad charged himself with pyro aura. Just before he cast a spell, suddenly the docabirion appeared above him. It pierced through his body and injured him. He lost the fire aura he charged earlier.
“So this is your trick. But you are not good enough!” Vlanad charged himself with pyro aura again and cast blazing hell on the ground. Fie quickly cast extinguish to cancel the spell. Clair took out his sword and charged it with pyro aura. Then, she threw it towards Vlanad as if she was throwing a javelin.
“Fool!” Vlanad charged his sword with hydro aura and threw it the same way. Both swords accumulate air and wind auras. Then, a fire lark and a water lark appeared. Both attacks cancelled each other and steam was formed around the prison. Federick quickly took the docabirion. Vlanad sensed his movements and launched another slash wave towards him.
“You are not hurting him.” Hafra did the same like what Federick did earlier.
“You are not good enough to use the docabirion in combat, dude.” Hafra winked at Federick and charged his docabirion with saint aura. Then, he launched a slash wave on Vlanad and it hit him.
“This is my chance.” Tefler bicycle kicked his boomerang towards him. Vlanad avoided it. Yet, the gun modules were launched and shot laser beams on him. He was hit and injured.
“Let’s do this together.” Federick and Hafra connected their docabirions at the lance tips. Two laser beams connected the two pairs of arrows’ tips. They jumped towards Vlanad and slashed through him.
“Our mission at here…is…failed….” Vlanad spoke his final words before he turned into dusts. The steam mist was disappeared too. Fie quickly freed the prisoners.
“Great job. We must continue our mission. We have only Tafim to conquer. Or you want to take the holy weapon?” Estau asked Syrfan.
“Don’t forget that we are the official members of the Estau rebel pact!” Tefler asserted Estau. Everyone laughed.
“You know what that mean, right?” Syrfan added.
“Salute to the king!” A prisoner shouted. They all raised their swords upwards. Then, the prisoners teleported themselves to Tafim.
“What are we waiting for?” Tefler wondered what happened.
“This is bad….”Everyone became worried.
“The prisoners are real, but I and the others appeared in the prison are the fake ones. We are too busy recovering the damage due to the final battle at Tafim. Hopefully you’ll be able to handle them by yourselves.” The real Estau told them through a sound portal.
“They are the demons. We will take care of them. We’ll make sure that we will see your coronation ceremony tomorrow.” Syrfan told Estau.
“Good luck.” Estau closed the communication. Then, the demons merged together into Artlef, another humanoid demon.
“You have defeated my leader, but you will not defeat me!” Artlef taunted them. Looks like the fight is not over yet….


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