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Route of Sea(Path 12-Pirate Assault Part Three)

July 31, 2009

After a few days, they entered Frazo strait, which is on the west side of the Cersque Island. The sea was brighter than Iark strait and the concentration of light aura is slightly larger.
“That’s odd. Why there are no living things near here?” Waryl was shocked.
“Don’t you learn geography? Microorganisms plague here that no other living things can exist here. Get your barriers ready,” Serene scolded him. They all cast barrier on themselves. Suddenly, a ship was lying above them and lots of laser beams was directed to them. The ship’s laser guns were also attached to its bottom, making hiding beneath the ship impossible.
“Those scumbags must be destroyed!” A captain shouted. Waryl charged his sword and launched an umbrella shaped slash wave towards the ship.
“It’s no use. It is guarded by a strong barrier,” Nastra told him and the slash wave was blocked.
“That ship is a barrier protected ship. We need something powerful to sink it.” Fyen told everyone.
“If that’s the case….” Serene smiled wickedly. She took out his bazooka, charged it with electric aura and shot the rocket towards the sky.
“This woman is indeed crazy,” Kairos and Creise were shocked. The rocket hit the ship, but the barrier blocked it and the explosion, which causing it to shatter, but the laser beams were still shot on them.
“What? This rocket can only destroy the barrier?” Serene became angry and took out her machine gun.
“Better act fast before she gone berserk,” Waryl charged his sword with metal aura and launched slash waves towards the guns. The guns were destroyed. The ship was teleported away.
“They will have some hard time repairing it,” Kairos smiled. Suddenly, a mini submarine, about half the size of a white shark, was heading towards them.
“They are indeed serious on this matter,” Creise charged her mielsta and threw it towards the submarine. It was deflected instead. It shot a few homing torpedoes. Kairos quickly took out his sonar cannon and destroyed them using sonar pulses. Then, six iron swords were formed in front of the submarine and launched towards them.
“I thought that the swords are made from stainless steel,” Nastra charged his fists and destroyed the swords by punching them. Fyen took the chance and shot a screw bullet towards the submarine. The submarine was sunk onto the seabed.
“Whoa, that was close. I’m sure that they were pissed off by now,” Serene laughed.
“Does she behave like that?” Nastra asked Waryl.
“Well, she is indeed like that since I joined her. She is quite crazy at times,” Waryl bad mouthed her.
“Even we feel that she is a weirdo,” Kairos and Creise sighed.
“Hey folks, I think we better be careful onwards. I sensed some other forces guarding areas in front of us,” Serene told everyone.
“You have to get rid of them all as you caused the problem to us. Don’t worry, we’ll aid you if we have to,” Nastra warned her.
“Oh? I think that they want to kill traitors as well,” Serene bad mouthed him. They laughed and continued swimming. Things are getting more lively now….


Route of Sea(Path 11-Pirate Assault Part Two)

July 30, 2009

“Fyen Plim and Nastra Vordom…the skyline pair…looks like the clan is serious about this,” Kairos rubbed his head.
“Well, actually we don’t want to fight you as we know your mission is from the gods, but orders are orders, so forgive us,” They charged their revolvers and the bullets with star aura and cast star storm on Serene. All the bullets were combined into one and they shot the bullets towards Serene. Waryl quickly dashed to his front and launched wave slash attack on the bullets. Creise helped him by launching two mielstas from the ground and hit the bullets. The bullets were destroyed.
“What the? They are indeed strong, but they won’t defeat us!” They jumped and stabbed Waryl from above using their brass sword. Serene charged her bullets and shot towards the swords. Waryl quickly dashed backwards. The bullets hit the tips and their attacks were deflected backwards and missed.
“Fyen, looks like we have to split.” Nastra told Fyen. Fyen nodded and dashed backwards.
“Don’t ever try to snipe us!” Kairos teleported himself towards Fyen’s back and punched her back. Yet, she was unharmed, grabbed his hands and threw him away. Creise teleported him to Nastra’s back and Kairos hit him. They both smashed the seabed.
“Die, fools!” Fyen shot a bullet from her sniper gun towards Serene.
“A bullet won’t harm me,” Serene deflected the bullet by shooting a bullet towards it. Fyen was shocked. Waryl and Creise dashed towards Fyen and knocked her down using their fists.
“Don’t try to mess with us! So, what is the actual reason behind this?” Serene pointed her gun on Nastra.
“Well, our clan thinks that you are not eligible to become ‘the chosen one’ so we decided to take your holy item by force and embark the mission ourselves. Now you’ve proved to us that you are indeed worthy. We’ll join you,” Nastra answered her.
“Good. But then, is your clan has been rivals with Kairos’ clan?” Waryl asked him.
“Yes, since our ancestors. In fact, our clan has been raging wars with his clan for quite a few times before we joined them. I’m sure that they will try to hunt you down as well,” Fyen stood up and went towards them.
“So, shall we enjoy our break now? I’ll track back and go to the east side afterwards.” Serene asked everyone. They agreed and had their own time.
“Hey Serene, what weapon will you want to trade in with your blade gun then?” Waryl followed and asked her.
“Hmm…I think I want this,” She pointed at a multi purpose semi-auto handgun.
“What? Don’t tell that you want to have various types of bullets to be used?” Waryl felt weird of her choice.
“Of course. Some enemies are resistant towards shell type bullets. I need sword, dart wave, beam, magical and desperado bullets. I think you need to refine your sword as well.” Serene answered him after he looked at his sword which has a few cracks.
“I know that. I wanted to reassemble my sword. Thanks for your reminder,” Waryl answered her and swam away from her. After 30 minutes, they left the village and swam eastwards. The enemies is still around them….

Route of Sea(Path 10-Pirate Assault Part One)

July 29, 2009

After a few minutes,
“Now!” They dashed towards Serene and rammed her. Waryl quickly jumped and cross slashed them.
“What you want from us, Quinter clan?” Kairos took out his stainless steel sword and pointed it towards them.
“I’m Baryon Lantis and he’s Kinar Ismion. We are assigned to kill you and steal the holy item from her.” Baryon pointed on Serene.
“Don’t ever think about that!” Creise took out her mielsta and threw it towards them. It was spinning randomly as if it was a bar in a sphere. It hit both of them and they were pushed away. Suddenly, it returned to Creise’s hand.
“What, it teleported itself back to the owner?” Waryl was shocked.
“That kind of weapon has owner recognition so it will teleport itself back when the owner’s mind called it back. Kind of convenient, isn’t it?” Kairos explained to him. They took their swords and launched a pair of water slash waves, which combined into a water sielga slash wave. Waryl charged his sword with water aura and blocked it, but he was pushed one meter away.
“You can’t defeat us easily!” Baryon charged his fists and punched the seabed. A shockwave was launched towards them. Serene charged her bullets with water aura and shot it onto the ground. The shockwave was stopped.
“The water wave…she is indeed the best sniper in Lefrad. But she won’t survive me attack,” Kinar took out his platinum sword and dashed towards their back.
“Resguardo wave blow!” The charged their sword and swung their sword backwards as they were backing each other. The waves were like a spherical curtain and moved towards them. Kairos and Creise dashed sideways but Serene and Waryl stayed there. The waves combined into a hemisphere and it exploded.
“Damn…no wonder they dashed away…” Waryl and Serene were heavily injured. Baryon and Kinar dashed towards them and attempted to finish them off, but Kairos and Creise dashed towards them faster and launched a few punch waves on Baryon and Kinar.
“Don’t make us repeat our lines!” Baryon and Kinar jumped directly above them and attempted to stab their head but,
“Not so fast, suckers!” Serene charged her bullets with electric aura and cast encased electric ignalial on her gun. She shot the bullets and they hit them. They were electrocuted and fainted.
“Watch out!” Kairos dragged Waryl away and Serene dragged Serene away before they hit the ground. Creise healed Serene and Waryl.
“Hey, how they know you?” Serene asked Kairos.
“That clan was an opposing clan with my own clan. It’s a long story and it is associated with Creise. Perhaps this is not a suitable time to talk this,” Kairos sighed.
“We better be careful onwards and I know they will strike us again,” Creise told everyone.
“You are right on this. The pirates will do anything to get what they want,” Waryl told her. Suddenly, another pair of pirates appeared.
“Looks like you defeated our comrades. We’ll not forgive you,” They took out their guns and aimed them at Serene.
“Bring it on, loser!” Serene taunted them. They stared each other sharply. The next battle will be harder….

Route of Sea(Path 9-The Exorcist’s Journey Part Three)

July 27, 2009

A few days later, they arrived at Iark strait, at the east side of the Cersque (pronounced as sersk) Island. The sea was darker than the ones in the southern areas, perhaps due to slightly larger dark aura concentration around that area.
“Hey, are you sure you want to go here? We haven’t got new supplies since we fought the demons. We better go to the left,” Kairos asked Serene.
“I know think she wanted to go to the underwater wooden village, just a few minutes of swimming over there,” Waryl told him, pointing his right hand to the east.
“That place is known for the ‘legal black market’. We can get some rare weapons there, but I think she wanted to sell that useless blade gun and trade it for other types of blade guns,” Creise told him too.
“This is creepy…how you know my true intentions?” Serene became anxious.
“I got my sonar cannons there,” Kairos answered her.
“I also got a few spell books there too,” Creise smiled.
“No wonder…hopefully I will have enough money to get the sniper blade shooting gun (a sniper gun which shoots blade based bullets). Still, we haven’t eaten anything good yet, isn’t it?” Serene winked at everyone.
“Yeah,” Everyone agreed. Suddenly,
“Help, the demon is raiding the place!” A villager shouted.
“Let’s go!” Serene called everyone and they rushed towards there. A reaper was raiding the village using its scythe. Serene quickly charged his bullets with fire aura and shot a heat bullet on it. Waryl dashed towards it and launched a few wave punch attack (an attack which launches punch waves while the punch is delivered) but it strafed to his right and the attack missed, despite that the bullet pierced through it.
“What? It does not sustaining damage?” Serene became anxious. Kairos quickly took out his sonar cannons, attached them on his shoulders and launched sonar wave pulses on it. It was unaffected. Kairos removed his cannons and dashed towards it. He took out his hook and struck it, but it was unharmed and slashed him using its scythe.
“I won’t allow that!” Creise took out her mielsta. It was a chain which has a sword blade attach to one of its end. She dashed towards its back and cross-swung it. It was torn into a few parts and the cloth sank onto the ground.
“Looks like you are quite smart then,” Serene praised her.
“Yeah, I don’t figure out that it is that easy,” Kaiors rubbed his hair.
“That weapon…this must be your favorite,” Waryl told her.
“Well, that chain is the gift for my 18th birthday. I found it very useful when we are in a siege. Well, isn’t that we want to have some rest? Let’s go!” Creise told everyone. They quickly wandered around the village. At the meantime,
“Hey, she has the holy item. Should we go and assault her?” A mysterious man was hiding behind the buildings.
“No. We’ll assault her later. These companions of her will give us lots of trouble. We’ve better follow them,” Another mysterious man replied.
“All right. But don’t get discovered,”
“I know that very well,”
They walked around the village and looking for Serene and the others. Looks like they have new enemies….

Route of Sea(Path 8-The Exorcists’ Journey Part Two)

July 26, 2009

“Hand me the compass!” The knight yelled at Serene.
“No!” Serene charged her gun with light aura and her bullets with dark aura. He quickly dashed towards her but she swiftly dashed backwards. Before she managed to pull the trigger, suddenly,
“Don’t forget us, Serene!” Kairos and Waryl, who were at her side, dashed forward and slashed him. He was thrown away but their weapons were cracked. His armor was cracked as well.
“That fella has a sturdy armor. My stainless steel sword is definitely will crack.” Kairos sighed. He kept his sword in his dimensional storage and took out his esglier, a mining axe with extended blades attached to the end of the heads.
“What are you doing?” Creise wondered what attack he will use. He dashed towards the knight and stabbed his esglier.
“Take this!” Creise swam towards the knight and kicked the esglier. It pierced through his body and defeated him. He teleported himself away in a severe injury.
“Thanks, Creise. You saved me.” Kairos hugged her. She was shocked and blushed.
“How romantic, isn’t it?” Waryl asked Serene.
“Disgusting,” Serene answered him.
“What?” Waryl shocked by her answered.
“Don’t you see that Kairos hugged her too tightly? In severe case it can suffocate her as it will destroy the rebreather. How could Kairos overlooked that?” Serene answered him.
“Well, I guess you are somewhat like a guy,” Waryl teased her.
“I don’t like some traits of girls. They are too inferior,” Serene told him.
“Well, want a fight?” Waryl dashed backwards and pointed his sword on Serene.
“We’ve better check if the are demons nearby. About our fight, I promise, I’ll fight you sometime,” Serene looked around the area.
“We’ve got company again,” Kairos and Creise sensed another enemy nearby. The knight appeared again. His body was healed and he was protected by a barrier. Kairos charged his sword with water aura and slashed him.
“That won’t work,” Serene shot the bullets, knowing that his attack will be repelled. The sword was cracked, but the barrier was cracked too when the bullets hit him. Waryl charged his fists and punched the barrier on the cracks. The barrier was destroyed into pieces.
“This is my chance,” Creise charged herself with dark aura and cast reaper’s slash on him. A scythe rose from the seabed and slashed him. But the attack did not affect him. He punched the ground and everyone was stunned.
“I can’t move….” Waryl was trying to move his arms but the stun status ailment still in effect. The knight dashed towards Kairos and attempted to punch him, yet,
“Rock strike!” Creise cast the spell. Underwater rocks were launched towards him. The attack was not harming him, but making him busy destroying the rocks.
“I can battle using my will…you are forcing me to do this,” Serene set her gun in remote control mode, charged the bullets with wood aura and shot him repeatedly. The bullets pierced through his body and turned him into dusts.
“Phew…it’s finally over,” Waryl sighed.
“Not yet. We have to travel north to defeat the real enemy,” Serene reminded him. They continued to swim northwards. The demons are still lurking somewhere….

Route of Sea(Path 7-The Exorcists’ Journey Part One)

July 25, 2009

While they swam towards Iark strait,
“So, looks like we are tagging along now, isn’t it?” Waryl asked everyone.
“Or should I say I dragged you all into my own problems?” Serene answered him with a sarcastic tone.
“Well, don’t forget that you cannot deal with the demons alone. You need us to defeat them, isn’t it?” Kairos asked her.
“You are right. Serene, don’t hold too much of yourself,” Creise told her.
“Oh no,” Waryl sensed a giant sea snake nearby.
“The poison aura is very intense…be careful folks,” Serene charged her gun with electric aura and cast encased electric on her gun. Again, she shot the bullet through a magic circle formed in front of her gun.
“I’ll make it a one hit kill!” Waryl charged his sword with electric aura and rammed it on the bullet towards the sea snake.
“Fool,” Creise and Kairos dashed towards its back and launched sonar pulses from their sonar cannons. The sea snake was stunned by the sonar pulses and was encased in a barrier by the bullet. Electric pulses were launched from the vertices and Waryl was stopped outside of the encasing.
“This is bad,” Creise kept her sonar cannon into her dimensional storage and took out her stainless steel trident. The sea snake was slightly injured and dashed towards Serene.
“Get off, you bastard!” Serene took out his Grumedio blade gun, charged it with ice aura and dashed towards it. It dodged the attack and attempted to attack Serene but Waryl quickly kicked his sword. It stabbed through the sea snake’s body and it crashed onto the seabed.
“It is still struggling to kill us,” Kairos reversed the barrel of the cannon and shot a shockwave blast onto the snake. It was injured but still charging onto them.
“Looks like you want a death penalty,” Creise charged her trident and launched several laser beams towards it. The laser beams weakened it, but it still charged towards them at lower speed.
“You guys, watch this.” Serene charged her bullets with metal aura. “Clustered metal darts!” She shot the bullet. The bullet was transformed into hundreds of small sized darts and moved in high speed. The darts frontally pierced through its body and it was broke into pieces of dead neat. The blood spread out throughout the area.
“I can’t see this,” Waryl swam upwards to the sea level.
“That coward,” Serene swam towards Waryl and dragged him down.
“You are so mean!” Waryl closed his eyes.
“How can you fight if you cannot see blood?” Serene scolded him.
“Yeah, you need to get used to that,” Cresie and Kairos told him too. Waryl slowly opened his eyes and try to see the blood.
“That is very scary. But I’ll try to get used to this,” Waryl told everyone.
“You better do that soon,” Serene winked at him. He blushed and turned his face away from Serene.
“Why I feel like this?” Waryl became anxious.
“Calm down, pal. I feel sorta…like that too,” Kairos told him.
“This is going to be funny then,” Serene and Creise were giving a wicked smile. Suddenly, a knight in black approached them. Their fight continues….

Route of Sea(Path 6-Fotress Battle)

July 25, 2009

One day later, they arrived in front of the demon’s lair. There is a fortress filled with armies of demons, which are patrolling the fortress.
“So, what should we do?” Serene asked Waryl.
“Shot the bazookas on the patrolling demons first. We’ll deal with the fortress later,” Waryl answered her.
“Be careful. I sensed some dark aura from them. They are not easy to be defeated,” Creise warned them.
“Don’t worry. The bazookas are specialized for underwater combat so they will not escape.” Kairos told her.
“Let’s swim nearer and blast them,” Waryl whispered to everyone and they got their bazookas ready. The bazookas were shot towards the demons and they were wiped out easily. They quickly swam inside and found out a mermaid statue was trapped in a cage and a sea medusa.
“Tch…looks like I’m discovered now. Now taste my power!” She charged her eyes with rock aura and cast petrifying stare on herself. Serene cast reflection mirror on everyone. They were protected from the spell, but she was unharmed. “That kind of spell does not work on me!” She launched her snakes and the mirrors were shattered. They quickly bound themselves into darkness so that they will not see the medusa.
“Fire ignalial!” Serene charged her bullets and cast the spell on her gun. A magic circle formed slightly in front of her gun’s barrel. She launched a shot through the magic circle and the bullets were filled with concentrated fire aura. The shots hit the medusa and the spell was automatically cast on her. A magic circle was formed on the ground below her feel and a burst of heat wave was launched upwards from it. She was injured but she quickly healed herself.
“Take this!” Waryl dashed towards and cross slashed her. She was weakened.
“Let’s do this. We’ve done that before,” Kairos told Creise.
“Yep. Encased electric!” Creise answered him. They cast the spell on the medusa. A cuboid force field formed around her and electric pulses were launched from the vertices. She was turned into dusts and the mermaid turned back into normal.
“Looks like this is the first time we fight like this,” Waryl told everyone.
“Hey, get me out from here!” The mermaid shouted on them. They quickly destroyed the cage and freed her.
“So, what brings you here?” Creise asked her.
“Actually I was escaping from the demons north from here, which located at Iark strait, west of the Cersque Island. But they were managed to catch me and imprisoned me here.” She answered Creise.
“Looks like we have to travel north again,” Waryl sighed.
“One more thing, the pirates also hunted me. I think they want the jewels that I’m now wearing.” She showed her pendant and ring.
“Looks like we are in trouble then. But we must go on no matter what. The demons must be punished!” Serene told everyone.
“Let’s go!” Kairos told everyone. They left the fort and continued to swim northwards. They will face stronger enemies there….

Route of Sea(Path 5-Misunderstanding)

July 24, 2009

After two days of traveling, they arrived at Tuzis Island submarine village. The houses are all made from unused submarines and they are very colorful compared to the others.
“This is it. We are near the robber’s hideout,” Serene told everyone.
“So, what actually happened before you met us?” Kairos aksed Waryl.
“I fought them here after I stocked my supplies here. I was forced to retreat to Tazen Island after knowing that they overpowered me. This time, they will not escape,” Waryl tightened his fists. Suddenly, a man in black went towards them.
“I know you will come to destroy us, but actually the demons disguised as us,” The man told them.
“Wait a second. How was that possible?” Serene shocked with that statement.
“The demons have the capability to do that. No wonder I feel weird of the incidents,” Creise told her.
“Our policy is not to harm civilians, so it is impossible that we launched those attacks, especially to sink your ship and destroy your town,” The man told everyone while pointing at Serene and Kairos.
“Now everything is screwed up. Where is the demons’ lair?” Waryl became impatient.
“Somewhere north from Xirgon Island. Our hideout is actually east from here. Yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Flak Yart, a reaper (a knight who equip scythes, sickles and fabric based armors) working for Phantom Vigilante Agency. I cannot go along with you because I have to settle the misunderstandings from the attacks, but I can tell you that the demon’s lair is heavily guarded and fortified. You cannot defeat them easily. Yeah, I almost forgot, Creise’s father is now with us so don’t worry too much about that.” Flak told everyone.
“Phew. At last my father is safe now,” Creise sighed.
“Should we have some fortress destroyer or some other weapons?” Kairos asked him.
“That won’t work. Their lair must be designed to prevent such attacks. We need bombs instead, but I have only a few shockwave grenades. We must stock up right now,” Serene answered him.
“About that, there are specialized shops which sell bombs. Perhaps we can some supplies fast there.” Waryl told everyone.
“Let’s go. We don’t have the time to lose,” Creise yelled and they quickly swam to Xirgon Island mariner area, which is north from there. After 30 minutes, they arrived there. The houses are built as if they are on the land. In fact, they are arranged in columns. The houses are white in color.
“So, where’s the shop?” Kairos asked everyone.
“There,” Serene pointed at a barely visible hanging board at their left corner, having a picture of a bomb there. They walked to the shop.
“So, what do you need?” A shopkeeper asked them.
“I need 15 shockwave grenades, 20 marine torpedoes, and 4 aqua bazookas,” Waryl showed his S-class bomber license to him.
“Okay. Looks like you want to blow the demons, isn’t it?” He asked Waryl while handed the items to Waryl.
“Yes. They must be destroyed.” Waryl kept them into his dimensional storage. They left the shop and continued to swim northward.
“Are you ready? This is no turning back,” Serene asked everyone.
“Yep!” Everyone answered her. The true fight begins….

Route of Sea(Path 4-Sudden Attack)

July 22, 2009

“Well, what’s you name? I’m Serene Foltaf and he’s Kairos Ceradig,” Serene asked him.
“My name is Waryl Irga, a nautical knight from Tuzis Island,” Waryl answered her. They wandered around the town to find Naran. He was reparing his shot gun in a weapon shop.
“So, you defeated them?” Naran asked them.
“Yes, they are wiped out. Where is the weapon that you’ve promised?” Serene asked Naran.
“Here it is. Take it yourselves,” He pointed at a table in front of them. Serene took the gun and kept into her dimensional storage. They left the shop without leaving a word.
“So, where are you going?” Kairos asked Serene while chasing her who swam northwards while the other two followed her.
“I’m going to Xirgon Island. I must destroy them,” Serene answered him.
“Don’t be that reckless! You cannot defeat that whole bunch of them like that!” Waryl stopped her.
“They will attack again if we keep on defending!” Serene shouted at him.
“We need a plan. The place is heavily guarded.” Kairos advised her. Suddenly, she sensed a bullet coming towards her. Waryl blocked the shot using his marine knight sword. The blue sword, with curved up cross guards and thirty centimeters long tail blade attached to the end of the hilt deflected the shot upwards.
“Who are you?” He pointed his sword towards his front.
“I thought that there is only one of you.” A woman, about 20 years old, wearing tight silver thread tube top suit appeared in front of them.
“Let me fight her. I fought that damned woman before.” Kairos took out two impulse cannons and attached them in his hands.
“Are you still mad on what happened to your ship? I’m not the one who sinks it!” She yelled at Kairos.
“I know you were just passed by on that time. Then, why you shot us, Creise Astra?” Kairos asked her angrily.
“Because I have to kill you or the robbers will kill my father. He was taken hostage between Xirgon Island and the Marquil Island. Sorry, but I don’t want to do this on you.” Creise charged her guns and shot a few bullets. Oddly, they moved in a parabola fashion, perhaps due to water resistance.
“Reverse impulse!” Kairos launched several sonar waves on the bullets. The wave aura was concentrated in it. The bullets accelerated towards her instead.
“Why you keep on fighting me?” She evaded the bullets and launched another few shots. The bullets dived into the seabed instead.
“Because you want to fight me at the first place!” He jumped towards her and evaded the bullets.
“Don’t you afraid that I’ll really kill you?” Creise pointed her gun on his heart.
“Because I think that there is a better way.” He held her hands. “What if we rescue your father together? I don’t really want to fight you. You are too kind to be fought.”
“I…I…” She was shocked. “You made that promise, you have to complete that.” They swam towards Serene.
“Let’s go. We’ll be powerful enough to blow them up.” Serene called them. They quickly went to the north. But their enemies will be different….

Route of Sea(Path 3-Ambush)

July 21, 2009

Two days later, they arrived at Tazen Island underwater town, north of the Egnyl Island underwater residential area. The buildings are like domes and there are less “cliffs” surrounding them compared to Egnyl Island underwater residential area. The houses are scattered around the place, but the roads are still wide.
“So, you’ve…why is Mr. Ceradig is with you? Is there anything else we’ve haven’t settle yet?” Naran Bisel, the chief of the town shocked that Kairos is along with Serene.
“Well, regarding this, actually I’m suspecting that the ones who made a threat on your town are the same as the ones who made a threat to us. I’m coming here to help you.” Kairos answered him.
“So, can you show me where the temple is?” Serene asked Naran.
“It is over there. You can enter anytime.” He pointed towards a cave in the cliff which is actually Tazen Island.
“Wait for me. They might ambush this place anytime.” Serene told Kairos and swan towards the cave. The cave is too dark so Serene was forced to cast sunlight on herself to lighten the place. She swan further in and went into the temple.
“Come here.” A mysterious sound appeared from nowhere. She saw a light ball on the altar in front of her. She swam towards there and suddenly she was teleported to the realm of saint. The dimension is a complete white void. She saw nothing but a shining spherical orb in front of her. The compass was moved itself towards the spherical orb and absorbed the light and turned into the destiny and fate’s compass. It is like a normal compass but with black and white magnets.
“This is your true destiny. As the chosen one, you must attempt the holy trial. Collect three more holy items to qualify.” The mysterious sound appeared again and Serene was teleported back to the temple.
“What does that mean? Argh, better I fight the robbers first.” Serene went back towards Kairos.
“So, how was that?” Kairos asked her.
“Well, I don’t know why I’m chosen by the gods. Perhaps my shooting skill is extremely powerful, I guess.” Serene sighed. Suddenly, a man crashed and pushed them a few meters back.
“Tch…I cannot stop them…what is happening on me?” The man, who was heavily injured by the broken armor, was suddenly recovered when he stared at Serene.
“Looks like the robbers are there. Let’s fight!” Serene took out her guns and dashed outside. They were shocked that the robbers sent a few marine cavalries towards them. They were wearing hydraulic jet backpacks and a pair of laser harpoon launcher.
“No wonder you were pushed that far. You should change your equipment.” Serene told him as he rushed out along with Kairos. He quickly equipped himself with Kevlar suit and shot some clustered bombs towards them. Kairos charged himself with metal aura and launched lots of platinum blades towards the robbers. Serene charged the bullets and shot some clustered laser bullets on them. They were quickly defeated.
“Great job. Let’s go back inside and see the chief.” Serene went back inside. But the enemies are yet to be destroyed….