Route of Land(Path 108-The Ultimate Demon Fights Round Three)

Artlef started her attack by charging herself with pyro aura and cast chain of fire on her chain. Her chain was burning. Then, she jumped and swung her chain randomly and swiftly.
“Hydro astraea!” Federick cast the spell. The chain returned normal yet she was still attacking.
“Spinning snake!” Artlef charged the chain with venom aura and threw it towards Syrfan.
“Thunder astraea!” Hafra cast the spell on the chain. The venom aura in the chain was disappeared. Syfran and Tefler charged their swords and launched pulsar slash waves on the chain. The slash waves are longer but narrower. They combined and destroyed the chain into bits. Suddenly Artlef smiled.
“!” Syrfan and Tefler stabbed their pheladrin weapons on the ground. A magic circle appeared.
“Smart move. Looks like you have obtained the prototype weapons of the holy weapons. But that will not stop me!” Aftlef charged himself with metal aura and cast metallic petrifaction on them.
“Fool.” The charged themselves with thunder aura. Then, Artlef rushed towards Fie and slashed her using her sword but she was electrocuted and everyone was returned back to normal. Clair took out her sword and slashed Artlef. She managed to throw away her sword before the thunder aura flew to her body.
“How could she…?” Artlef dashed backwards and disappeared.
“Trying to backstab us? Think again.” Federick rushed to the back and launched a slash wave. A magic circle appeared at the back and Artlef went out from there. The slash wave hit her.
“Quadratic spinning fire storm!” Syrfan, Fie, Tefler and Clair charged themselves with pyro aura and cast the spell. Four fire towers surrounded Artlef and spun quickly around her.
“Hmph!” Artlef charged himself with hydro aura and max hydraulic extinguish on herself. The flames surrounding her disappeared. Then, he cast sink on everyone but Hafra cancelled the spell by casting dry.
“Your persistence impresses me. But that is not sufficient to kill me!” Aftlef charged herself with astro aura and neutrons.
“Another neutron star? Don’t ever try to mess with me!” Syrfan charged himself with astro and satan auras. Then, he cast supernova explosion on Artlef. A black vortex surrounded Artlef and it exploded. She absorbed the explosion as pyro aura and cast heat surge on them. Their body temperature rose up quickly.
“Not so fast, sucker!” Clair charged herself with sub-zero aura and cast heat discharge on themselves. Both spells cancelled each other and they returned normal.
“How about this?” Artlef charged her sword with metal aura and launched lots of metal blades from her sword. Tefler charged himself with hydro and wind auras and cast tsunami blast to defend themselves. The metal blades dropped on the ground.
“You are going to die!” Artlef charged herself with sub-zero aura and froze the tsunami into an iceberg. Then, she crushed it in bits and launched the debris towards them. Fie cast liquefy to protect them and absorbed the water as hydro aura.
“Who will die?” Fie cast hydro crystal wurinzran on Artlef. The hydro crystals were shot from the octahedral shaped magic circle formation. She was hit and turned into dusts.
“Let’s help them rebuild the city.” The teleported themselves to Tafim.
The demons attacks are finally stopped. But the threats from the others are yet to be cleared….


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