Route of Land(Path 109-The Final Threat Part One)

They helped repaired the capital until 0300 the next day.
“Man, I’m beat. We used up too much aura in our soul.” Tefler lied on the ground.
“You should have some aura potions in your dimensional storage.” Syrfan reminded him.
“I guess that I’ll have to use the last one on him.” Clair gave Tefler her aura potion and he drank it.
“Let’s sleep here. We are invited to Estau’s coronation ceremony tomorrow at the castle.” Syrfan lied on the ground too.
“Alright.” They agreed with him and slept there.
The next morning, they went to the castle. The castle is a hemispherical dome with radius of 100 meter. It is used only for audience. Inside the dome is lots of colorful octagrams as the floor and the ceiling’s decoration. The king’s seat is located at the very opposite end from the entrance.
“Line up at the side, please.” A royal staff told them. They queued at the side of the walkway, which is colored red. After everyone lined up themselves, Estau walked alone inside slowly while the ones lining up at the side rose up their sword vertically while he walked through them. Then, Tylane walked inside, taking the crown to the king and put it on his head. She sat beside Estau. Then, some people wearing green clothing went inside and knelt in front of Estau.
“Thanks a lot for your help in yesterday’s assault. I shall grant the title of ‘warrior knight’ to you.” Estau told to everyone in the castle. Tylane walked towards them and gave everyone a rose shaped shoulder badge. Then, she returned to her seat.
“From now on, we must recover our kingdom’s condition back to the old days. With your efforts, we will make sure that the peace remains intact. Thanks for your presence.” Estau, Tylane and the royal staffs were teleported away from the castle. Then the others left the castle.
“Where should we go?” Clair asked Syrfan.
“We must go to the ruins now. Our mission is delayed due to this rebellion. We cannot delay it further.” Syrfan answered her. They left the city and went towards Wilm.
Two days later, when they were crossing through Norunta cavern, suddenly Yaden stopped them.
“Hand me the holy items! You are not eligible to be the chosen one!” Yaden shouted at Syrfan.
“No! Or should I say, someone ordered you to do so?” Syrfan asked Yaden.
“Your beloved king ordered me to do so. I wondered why you don’t realize this earlier. He said that the holy weapon is the property of Lestreb kingdom and you should not lay your hands on it.” Yaden answered him using a warning tone.
“So, the ones in green clothing are the ones hired by you?” Tefler shouted at him.
“Yes, I hired them using my salary for 3 months to assault Tafim during the assault two days ago.”
“If you take the holy items, they will have them and take the holy weapon. Am I right?” Fie asked Yaden.
“Yes. In fact, he is now evil, along his new wife which turned into a fallen angel.” Yaden taunted them.
“You traitor! I gave you worth 10 years salary of pension and you still want the holy items!” Estau scolded Yaden through a sound portal.
“If I don’t say like this, he will not challenge me.” Yaden explained to Estau. Estau closed the communication.
“What actually happened?” Syrfan asked Yaden.
“A weird knight was trying to destroy the ruins. I cannot defeat him so I retreated here to recover myself. I want you to defeat me before you defeat him.” Yaden told Syrfan with a serious tone.
“So that I can prove to you that I am powerful enough to defeat him? If this is the case, don’t ever hold back!” Syrfan combined his stainless steel sword and platinum sword become Ozaryl sword. Fie, Tefler and Clair moved 200 meters backwards.
The battle will start soon….


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