Route of Land(Path 110-The Final Threat Part Two)

Yaden charged his Statit (an alloy made from 50% tin and 50% titanium) sword with sub-zero aura and his sword was covered in a layer of ice.
“Ice embedding? I can do the other embedding too.” Syrfan charged his sword with earth aura and his sword was covered in a layer of rock. They attacked each other but their attacks always block each other.
“I wondered why we never cast spells on this match.” Syrfan asked Yaden while they still attacking each other.
“We know that we must not use too much aura in this practice yet serious battle.” Yaden answered him. Syrfan suddenly jumped and launched the embedded rock on Yaden. Yaden dashed backwards but suddenly he was hit by an ice stalagmite.
“You charge your central blade with ice aura and cast blade ignalial on me. Looks like you are trying to conserve aura. But I know how to deal with you!” Yaden took the central blade, charged himself with fire aura and melt the ice but Syrfan quickly charged the central blade with electric aura and cast electric pulse on it. He was electrocuted but he seemed stable.
“Weak counterattacks won’t work on me.” Yaden launched his central blade towards Syrfan. He spun his sword quickly and the central blade was destroyed. Syrfan quickly dashed towards Yaden and stabbed his left shoulder. Yaden kicked Syrfan and he flew 15 meters away. He took Syrfan’s sword and combined them into Gerald (an alloy made from 25% tin, 25% titanium, 25% platinum and 25% stainless steel) sword.
“You think I can’t do that?” Syrfan took out his pheladrin sword and murazrai saint sword. He combined them into Neorinqua (god of phoenix)’s sword. The cross guard is shaped like a phoenix’s wing. He charged it with wind aura and launched several feather darts on Yaden. The darts pierced through the Gerald sword when Yaden blocked them. Yaden was injured. He separated the sword and returned the Ozaryl sword to Syrfan.
“Looks like he really mastered his fighting skills. He is indeed the chosen one.” Yaden smiled and discharged his internal aura.
“Well, you really excel in your skills. Now go to clear your final threat!” Yaden told Syrfan.
“Are you sure about this? I know you wanted to battle me seriously for years.” Syrfan wondered what is in his mind.
“Actually I’m just testing your skill. I have duties at the eastern islands afterwards so I cannot use my real powers. In fact, Lyank, Juan and Tonarta are now guarding the underground tunnel right now. You better be quick.” Yaden told Syrfan.
“I understand. Let’s go, folks! We have another enemy to clear!” Syrfan called the others and they rushed towards Wilm.
“Go, Syrfan. You are Lefrad’s last hope.” Yaden looked at them.
They will face another powerful enemy….


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