Route of Land(Path 111-The Final Threat Part Three)

Using dash, sprint, flash and restless spells; they arrived there three hours later. The ruin is made from destroyed walls, all in black color, due to the huge amount of explosives used when the city was destroyed. There is knight, oddly white in color on everything and emitting white aura, similar to the demon in Zard ruins was punching at a seal on the ground. He seemed to know nothing on what he is doing, perhaps due to amnesia.
“Saint murinzran!” Syrfan charged himself with saint aura and cast the spell on him. He was injured, yet he healed himself. He discharged his aura and rushed towards them.
“The wurazrai sword … he is very dangerous.” Syrfan saw his sword, which is single bladed and thicker at the center. He took out his Neorinqua sword and launched several slash waves on him. He absorbed them and launched a cross shaped slash wave on him.
“I know how to block this.” Tefler kicked his boomerang and rushed towards the slash wave. Then, he stabbed his boomerang using his sword when the boomerang was blocking the slash wave.
“…” The knight kicked the slash wave but Tefler did not budge at all. Fie and Clair charged themselves with thunder aura and cast thunder tower Gemini astraea on him. He was hit but he was not electrocuted at all.
“This will stop him.” Tefler launched the gun module in his boomerang and shot the knight. He was hit and pushed back a meter. The slash wave was disappeared too. Tefler quickly kept his boomerang into his dimensional storage.
“!” The knight charged himself with the white aura and cast an unknown spell. Lots of snow balls were launched towards them. Oddly, they were burning and the snow was not melting.
“Powerful.” Syrfan charged his sword with hydro and pyro auras. Then, he charged launched hot water on the snow balls. The fire was extinguished and the snow balls were melted.
“How he can do that?” The others were shocked by his ability. Tefler quickly kicked his boomerang towards the knight. Fie and Clair charged themselves with saint aura and cast saint tyamial on him. The magic circles appeared on the knight’s skin and armor and lots of saint beams were launched through his body. Then, the boomerang hit him and he was turned into dusts.
“Be careful. He is not done with you yet.” Syrfan charged his sword with oracle aura and stood in an attacking stance while the dusts were reforming. After that, a yellow tetrahedral crystal was formed. Syrfan quickly rushed towards it and launched shooting wave slash attack (an attack that launched a slash wave, shot a beam and slash the target instantaneously) on it. The crystal was shattered into pieces.
“If you think that you can enter the ruins now, you are wrong.” Suddenly, Kyonafil, which was killed sometime ago, appeared again.
“The demon lord created me again and sent me to kill you. You will not kill me again.” He added. He took the shattered crystal pieces and ate them. His body turned green and he was emitting brown aura. Then, a sword similar with the one that the knight used before appeared in front of him. He took it and its cross guard shape turned into a bat’s wing.
“The Sedrinda sword … this is bad.” Tefler and Clair became anxious.
“Now, prepare for your death!” Kyonafil taunted them. They will face another challenge….


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