Route of Land(Path 112- The Final Threat Part Four)

Kyonafil charged himself with pyro aura and cast flare burst on them. They were submerged in pyro element flames. Fie quickly cast extinguish to cancel the spell.
“Defend yourself, Fie. I know your aura reserve is now only 30%.” Syrfan told Fie.
“Your aura reserve is 65% so conserved it.” Fie told Syrfan.
“It’s time to use the killer skill.” Tefler whispered at Clair.
“Yep.” Clair and tefler teleported themselves away.
“Shockwave burst!” Kyonafil charged himself with the brown aura and cast the spell. The ground was exploded and they were thrown away. Suddenly, the spell affected him and he was thrown upwards. Tefler and Clair showed up and launched a punch wave on Kyonafil.
“This is it!” Tefler and Clair took out their swords. They charged them with thunder aura and slashed through the punch waves. The punch waves were absorbed in their swords. A few seconds later, both swords slashed through his body and lots of thunder sparks were emitted from his body.
“Let’s leave this to them. We need some rest.” They teleported themselves to the outskirts of the ruins and slept near a tree. At the meantime,
“This really hurts. But why my aura reserve was full?” Syrfan wondered what happened after woke up 200 meters north from Kyonafil.
“The brown aura…is that the unknown aura type C?” Fie wondered what happened while looking at Syrfan 5 meters away from him.
“Let’s finish him. He is now heavily injured by thunder pulses.” Syrfan yelled at Fie. They took out their swords and pointed them at Kyonafil. Syrfan charged his sword with sun aura while Fie charged her sword with moon aura.
“Star spark!” They shot the charged blast towards him. The blasts combined just before the combined blast hit him. He turned into dusts after the blasts were stopped.
“Our love…is as sincere as the love between Naclamin (God of sun) and Estrie, right?” Syrfan looked at Fie.
“Yes. Hopefully you’ll complete your mission.” Fie told Syrfan.
“How romantic. But this will be your final words!” Kyonafil suddenly appeared in front of them and charged himself with the brown aura again.
“I won’t let you win!” Syrfan jumped towards him, knowing that he is going to cast the spell again, and shot a laser beam towards him.
“Damn!” The beam hit him and the brown aura quickly dissipated. Fie quickly charged his sword and stabbed it on the ground.
“Frost murinzran…smart move.” Syrfan was looking at kyonafil betting sealed in a murinzran seal and lots of ice shards pierced through his body.
“This mission is failed…” Kyonafil mumbled to himself before he turned into dusts permanently.
“You use the sword’s property of absorbing aura from surroundings to cast the spell, right?” Syrfan asked Fie.
“Yeah. The aura absorber sword is really useful this time.” Fie answered him.
“You can’t attempt the holy trial like that! Get some rest over here!” Tefler and Clair shouted at them through a sound portal.
“You are now at Pezis village right? We’ll go there at once.” Syrfan answered them.
“No, we’ll teleport you over here and you two should have some sleep.” Clair told him and teleported Syrfan with Fie to Pezis village. This will be their final rest before the holy trial….


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