Route of Land(Path 113-The Last Stop Part One)

Pezis village, unlike other villages in Lestreb, has triangular walls and their gates are located at the center of the walls. Even the houses are tetrahedral in shape. The houses are more colorful than other places in Yedrei continent.
“No wonder this village is called ‘the camp’.” Fie was amazed with the village.
“Well, let’s get some rest. We need energy for tomorrow when we go to the ruins again.” Syrfan dragged Fie to an inn. They paid the money and had rest in a room.
At the meantime,
“I heard that the weapons we forged for you were upgraded.” Ozaryl told Tefler through a sound portal.
“Yeah, the weapons suddenly embedded in a crystal and turned into pheladrin weapons.” Clair told him.
“Well, looks like our speculation is correct. The metals are made from phoenix wings. And the crystal that the weapon absorbed is made from the skulls of phoenix. Pheladrin is a type of metal flowing in phoenix body in small pieces, like our blood cells. I’m sure that you have seen the phoenix before, right?” Ozaryl asked them.
“Looks like the gods are now helping us.” Tefler told him.
“I don’t think that it is Neorinqua. I feel that it is just an ordinary phoenix.” He disagreed.
“Well, what are the murazrai saint swords anyway?” Clair asked him.
“Syrfan’s father forged the swords for Syrfan and Fie. He created the swords with us 30 years ago. He said that someone will use it for a mission which will determine the destiny of Lefrad. Looks like his predictions are true. Perhaps he even knows that Syrfan will be chosen by the gods.” He sighed.
“What?” Tefler and Clair shocked.
“I think it is time to tell him about her mother’s identity. He can bear with it. Perhaps he will even like to meet his mother right now.” Ozaryl laughed.
“Most fighters who have been raised by father only are brutal, but he seemed to be very calm and tactical. There must be something wrong with him.” Tefler told him.
“Well, his mother is a saint, a human inhabitant in the realm of saint.” Ozaryl told Tefler. They both shocked by his statement.
“This is impossible. I know that Estau married Tylane at the night he recaptured Lestreb, but a saint…this is crazy.” Tefler became frustrated.
“Don’t you know that our last queen is a saint too?” Clair told Tefler with a serious tone.
“I failed in history so…what? Your grandmother is a saint?” Tefler shocked and fainted.
“Perhaps he cannot accept that the saints can exist here.” Ozaryl laughed again.
“His parents are pagans so he is somewhat influenced by them.” Clair explained to him.
“Well, he will tell Syrfan about it.” Clair smiled.
“Be sure to tell Syrfan about it. And one more thing, don’t ever make him feel sad. His psychological conditions are crucial when he attempt the holy trial.” Ozaryl reminded Clair and closed the communication.
“Hey, wake up, my dear.” Clair took a snowball and threw it to Tefler. He woke up and stared at Clair.
“That is definitely waking me up. Thanks. Let’s have some rest. We will repeat the same thing that we did in Riv. They had rest in the same inn where Syrfan and Fie was sleeping at the moment. Another night of confession will start….


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