Route of Land(Path 114-The Last Stop Part Two)

At night,
“Man, I can’t sleep.” Syrfan woke up and went outside. The snow crystals feel down slower than usual and the clouds covered the sky, although another unknown planet was clearly visible. He wandered around the village and looked at the sky while letting his stainless steel sword exposed to the air, absorbing the air aura.
A few minutes later,
“Hmm…I think I need to tell him about that.” Tefler woke up and went out from the inn. He wandered around the village too and saw Syrfan at a gate.
“Hey!” Tefler shouted at Syrfan. Syrfan ran towards him.
“Well, tomorrow is the big day, isn’t it?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Yeah, I’ll attempt the holy trial tomorrow.” Syrfan answered him.
“Just a question, do you know about your mother? You and your father are very skillful. Your mother should be like that too.” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“My father said that my mother disappeared once I was born. That reminds me to Gopler.” Syrfan looked at the sky.
“Well, at least my father promised that he will find a new mother for me, although I know that this is impossible.” Syrfan added.
“Ozaryl told me this afternoon that your mother is a saint.” Tefler told Syrfan.
“I know about that already. The murazrai saint sword’s shaft structure is very odd. Although my father is very good at forging swords, he cannot create this kind shaft structure, even with the help of legendary blacksmiths. There must be someone from the realm of saint helped him. Perhaps this is my mother. My father mentioned that he fall in love with a woman who forge the weapons with him and the legendary blacksmiths. I’m sure that she is my mother.” Syrfan told him.
“I thought that you will be shocked when you listened to this.” Tefler wondered what is in Syrfan’s mind.
“If my mother is from the realm of Heaven or saint, it is obvious that she will be sent back there once I was born. This is the rule set by the gods. But in case of Clair’s grandmother, she was exiled from the realm of saint so she stayed with the king and died there.” Syrfan explained to Tefler.
“Do you want to see your mother?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“No, it is better for me, my father and her if she remains at the realm of saint.” Syrfan told Tefler.
“Do you think that it is sufficient for you to have your father as your only parent?” Tefler felt weird by Syrfan’s statement.
“He is my father, but Fie’s parents raised me until I graduated when I was 22. Don’t worry, I have a strong heart.” Syrfan explained to Tefler again.
“Well, about this, I really jealous of you. You can live with your girlfriend while I just guarding my outpost with my subordinates.” Tefler talked to Syrfan using a low tone.
“I do lead my own soldiers too, so I don’t really have much time with her.” Syrfan calmed Tefler.
“I’ll discharge my aura. You should enjoy the sceneries. They are really beautiful. I already take some images using the image capture spell.” Syrfan told Tefler. Tefler wandered around the village again.
At the meantime, Fie and Clair were having a conversation….


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