Route of Land(Path 115-The Last Stop Part Three)

Fie and Clair woke up and met at the hallway in the inn.
“Tefler and Syrfan must be having chatters right now.” Clair told Fie.
“Yeah, they are getting along very well.” Fie added.
“Do you know that Syrfan’s mother is a saint?” Clair asked Fie.
“He must be very calm when Tefler tell him about that. He knows that very clearly after he received the murazrai saint sword. But I know, deep in his heart, he must have a deep sorrow. He is a child when he removes all of his defenses.” Fie was unsurprised by her statement.
“What? All of his defenses? How much protection layers does he have?” Clair shocked.
“He has three levels of defense. First is his stainless steel armor. Second is his crash barrier. Third is his Kevlar suit. Syrfan never removes them unless he went for a bath or a swim. His heart is too strong that he keeps all of his sorrows alone. Perhaps fighting is the only way to make him feel better.” Fie told Clair.
“His fighting style proves what you have said just now is true. He is too tactical at his age.” Clair nodded.
“The stars and the unknown planet are too beautiful. Syrfan must be enjoying them.” Fie changed the topic.
“Tefler likes to capture images of the starry skies. He has a habit of climbing the mountains at the borders to take images of them. I do keep some of them in the castle.” Clair added.
“Actually he likes the stars because of me. I’m studying astrology since 13 so he always aids me by capturing the images for me. In fact, he bought me a star map for my 13th birthday. I still remember how exhausted he is when he gave me the present. Too bad he fainted for 3 hours and he missed he excitement.” Fie blushed.
“Exhausted? Don’t tell me that he is the one who killed the wanted criminal for misusing necromancy for murder 12 years ago. The news spread worldwide and he was found to be dizzy when he claimed the bounty. And he said that the money is for ‘a girl that our hearts connected like the carbon atoms in a diamond. I wondered when he learned about chemistry.” Clair suddenly became excited.
“He learned that when he is 12. During that time we are in school holidays and he went into a library and read a chemistry book. His learning abilities are superb that he excelled some of his masters.” Fie laughed.
“This is amazing. I can’t imagine how a nerd like him nailed you.” Clair laughed too.
“It is actually I nailed him. I fell into him at first before he noticed about that. The first time I tell him about that, he laughed and said that I will not love a nerd. Then, I gave my first kiss suddenly to prove my words. What made me felt weird is, he cried when he received the kiss. He was wearing only a T-shirt and a trouser that time. His next words are ‘Let’s fight together. You are now my true partner onwards.’ I felt his warmth but after I went to home I was rolling at my bed and laughed the whole night.” Fie smiled.
“What? Why you think that it was funny?” Clair wondered what she meant by “laughed the whole night”.
“He has friends who trusted him. He always referred them as true partners. Their fighting styles are totally different with mine and he can categorize me as one of them. I thought he will refer me as a lover instead. How were you and Tefler in the past?” Fie asked Clair.
“Tefler nailed me at first. He was somewhat a pervert when I contacted him through the image portal. But after a few times, he returned normal. We had a mission in Hafnal 2 years ago. That is the first time I meet him in person and kissed him. After that, we never meet again until now. We had chatters through the sound portal throughout the years. Perhaps we fall on each other slowly then.” Clair told her story too.
“We are quite good at joint spells, right?” Fie changed the topic again.
“We always have unplanned agreement in spell casting. Let’s go outside and see what they are doing.” Clair told Fie.
“Let’s go.” They went out from the inn. The next confession will start soon….


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