Route of Land(Path 116-The Last Stop Part Three)

Just a short while after Syrfan finished discharging his aura, Clair saw him.
“Looks like you are preparing for the holy trial.” Clair asked Syrfan.
“I will have to attempt the holy trial alone. If I’m not ready with it I will fail. In fact, this is not the final challenge. I must defeat the demon lord.” Syrfan told her while looking at the sky again.
“Don’t tell me that you are going to dump us tonight and sleep at the ruins. We are in one team so we will stick together no matter what.” Clair warned Syrfan.
“Don’t worry. Our departure happens at the entrance of the ruins.” Syrfan told Clair.
“What do you think about this mission?” Clair asked Syrfan again.
“This is not just a mission, but it seems that this is my destiny. Don’t forget that the gods chose me as their fighters.” Syrfan answered her.
“Perhaps the gods know that my fighting skills surpass the others.” Syrfan added and sighed.
“Your name as a skillful fight does spread around the continent, but you are right, the gods know everything.” Clair nodded.
“You should go to see Tefler now. He must be waiting at the north side. Perhaps you can even see the beautiful skies with him.” Syrfan teased Clair.
“You should go and see Fie too. I can see that she has a lot of things to tell you before you leave him. Perhaps you can remove your armors right now. You can shield your heart to us, but you must not do that to her.” Clair reminded Syrfan and went northwards. Syrfan went to the south gate.
At the meantime, Tefler was looking at the sky at the north. Suddenly Fie tapped his shoulder.
“How is your marriage with Clair?” Fie asked Syrfan.
“We don’t have time for that unless Syrfan pass the holy trial. The gods are really smart. They chose a powerful fighter to help them.” Tefler answered Fie.
“I have a question to ask you. Are your eyes become ‘blue’ when you first saw Clair through an image portal?” Fie asked Tefler.
“My days in Dlig are tough. We have to deal with mountain explorers and old people who lost their possession. Our job is to search the items for them. Although sometimes I deal with pretty women, they are more interested in my subordinates. Some even left the clan to follow them. This is my life in Dlig for 3 years until Clair contacted me. She was too perfect for me. I wished that I can sleep above her that time. But now, I just want to fight for her. But she insisted to fight with me. I have to listen to her anyway.” Tefler blushed.
“How pity. I know your love instincts are strong that time but don’t you feel oppressed when you know that she is a princess?” Fie asked Tefler again.
“I don’t care much about that. Clair is just Clair. Nothing else.” Tefler answered Fie.
“Syrfan is a strong fighter with a fragile heart. He needs your support. You should see him to give him your final comfort.” Tefler reminded Fie.
“I understand. I know him better than you.” Fie told Tefler and went southwards.
The confession continues….


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