Route of Land(Path 117-The Last Stop Part Four)

Tefler looked back and saw Clair was standing behind him.
“Don’t do that, ok? You will scare someone else.” Tefler scolded Clair.
“Only if it is you. Remember that?” Clair smiled while touching his cheek using his finger.
“Yeah, we haven’t use that phrase for long.” Tefler sighed.
“Looks like we will end our journey soon. Perhaps we will go back to Riv and have a nice living. But before that….” Tefler told Clair but she quickly pinched his stomach.
“You are not leaving the Oszer union!” Clair scolded him.
“What? I lead the clan for 13 years and you want me to keep on leading? I’m too tired for that.” Tefler started his argument.
“I know it is not good to lead anything for a long time, but how about me? If you are going to be a bounty hunter or a police, that’s another story.” Clair teased him.
“I will become a bounty hunter. I know there are a few wanted criminals in Oszer and I’ll kill them.” Tefler took out his boomerang and raised it upwards.
“That’s good.” Clair smiled.
“I’ll leave the clan soon. I can’t afford to depart from you at long distance anymore.” Tefler kept his boomerang in his dimensional storage and sighed.
“But who will take over your place? The clan is too large and it shows sign of separation already.” Clair worried about the clan.
“Actually it was separated already. Two new clans emerged: The Obelisk clan and the Kofein clan. They formed when we decided to join the rebel pact. What shocked me is, the Obelisk clan joined forces with 7 stars union. The Kofein clan moved to Calfion and started their operation there. There are rumors that the legendary blacksmiths are the leaders.” Tefler explained to Clair.
“Well, I wondered why like to use boomerangs rather than other weapons.” Clair asked Tefler.
“My master, Azeyl taught me to use it when I was small. My parents left me to her and went back to Calfion. I haven’t visited them for years. Once we went back from Wilm, I’ll bring you to see my parents.” Tefler put his right hand on her shoulder.
“You promised me to do so but since that we are in a mission so we have to delay a bit.” Clair smiled again.
“Sorry to ask this, but where is our current queen?” Tefler asked Clair.
“My mother is now in a mission in Plidin. She has to retrieve the stolen goods from a Plidinian merchant from Oszer and defeat the thieve gang. She is very active in international missions. Actually I have a brother, which is a crowned prince. He is currently studying in the Royal Fighting Institute of Oszer near Calfion. He must be happy when he graduate next year and see you.” Clair looked at the sky.
“The sky is beautiful, right? Too bad that we can only watch this great scenery tonight.” Tefler asked Clair while looking at the sky too.
“Um, Tefler, I…I…” Clair’s sight deeply pierced Tefler’s eyes.
“I know what you meant. May the stars witness our eternal love.” Tefler suddenly hugged Clair and kissed her lips.
“Oh, Tefler…I’m yours from now.” Clair became relaxed.
“Clair, this is our destiny.” Tefler became relaxed too. The released their grip and went back to the inn and slept there.
This night is too beautiful for the couples….


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