Route of Land(Path 118-The Last Stop Part Five)

At the south gate, Syrfan removed his defenses and laid on the ground, using his armor as a shield. Suddenly, Fie looked at him.
“Sleeping in the snows? You always do this every winter. Looks like you really feel comfortable on it.” Fie teased Syrfan.
“For reasons unknown, I feel warm when I do this. Even you wondered why this is possible. Perhaps my heart warmed my cold body.” Syrfan woke up.
“I know what you are thinking. Your mother. Perhaps she is associated to snow so covering yourself in the snows makes you feel like your mother is hugging you.” Fie told Syrfan with a serious tone.
“About her, I really wanted to see her for at least once. For years, every time I sleep in the snows, my dreams are always associated to her. Sometimes, she even speaks to me. Perhaps this is how she communicates with me.” Syrfan sighed.
“She must be missed you a lot. I can feel that she want to see you too.” Fie added.
“By what grounds you said so?” Syrfan asked Fie.
“Well, my motherly feel towards you tells me about this. Separated for 25 years…her heart is very strong.” Fie answered him.
“For now, I must keep this out of mind. I must fight with my full strength.” Syrfan looked at the sky.
“I know. I’ll wait for your return. You must do your best.” Fie looked at the sky too.
“Perhaps after I defeated the demon lord, I will be able to take her home.” Syrfan became confident.
“Don’t exhaust yourself too much. We are lucky that we used just 75% of aura reserves in the sealed prison and still be able to restore the city as if we haven’t done anything.” Fie advised Syrfan.
“Yeah, thanks to the aura potions, we are able to restore the city in 6 hours. We had to buy the supplies again. Hopefully we will not doing this again.” Syrfan agreed with Fie.
“Tell me, deep in your heart; are you still strong, inside and outside, after we are reaching the end of the mission?” Fie asked Syrfan.
“Well, I’m prepared for everything. I’m still strong, both outside and inside, but still, perhaps I need to have some mental rest after I killed the demon lord. You know that better than me right?” Syrfan winked at Fie.
“I know. But I’m sure that you are somewhat exhausted from the battles. Like you’ve said, keep on fighting damages the mind, heart and soul. I know that you fought for long period before, but I want to see you in your original condition when you come back to me.” Fie reminded Syrfan.
“Fie, I know it is not the time to tell this but….” Syrfan wants to tell Fie something but suddenly he cried.
“Oh my dear, just tell me. I waited for this moment long ago.” Fie calmed him.
“I…I…I am very glad that you come along. Your tender towards me…you are like my mother.” Syrfan hugged Fie.
“I’ll give you the tender as much as I can. Isn’t that I always recover you whenever you fall down? Be strong, my dear.” Fie hugged him too.
“Yeah. I really need the comfort right now for tomorrow.” Syrfan pushed Fie and they both laid on the ground. Fie was pressing Syrfan’s body but Syrfan felt exceptionally comfortable.”
“I’ll give the comfort. I love you, Syrfan.” Fie kissed Syrfan’s lips.
“Your tender…I wished that the time stopped here. Thanks a lot, Fie. I feel better now. I love you too.” Syrfan become relaxed and stopped crying. His mind connection spell was cast automatically.
“Well, promise to me that you will come back to me after all of this finished.” Fie replied him using the same spell.
“I will. I promise. You are my lover like no other.” Syrfan answered Fie. They slept there while still hugging and kissing each other. Their air auras flow circulates over their bodies through their mouth. Carbon dioxide was released through their noses instead. The next morning will witness the start of the final challenge….


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