Route of Land(Path 119-The Last Stop Part Six)

The next morning, Tefler and Clair woke up and left the inn.
“Oh my goodness! Kissing while sleeping?” Clair shocked by Syrfan and Fie’s sleeping postures. Tefler laughed excitedly. A few second later, they woke up and unconscious about Tefler and Clair. Syrfan wore his defenses and still ignored them.
“Let’s go, folks. You want to see my departure, right?” Syrfan told everyone.
“Hey, are your mind was poisoned by love?” Clair tapped Syrfan’s shoulder and asked him.
“You….” Syrfan became embarrassed.
“They saw everything. It can’t be helped.” Fie told Syrfan.
“Well, we don’t have time to waste. Let’s go.” Syrfan told everyone.
“He is still his old self.” Fie smiled.
“Are you sure that you don’t want to repair your equipment before you go?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“About that, I have another plan. I’ll fix them when we arrived there. The aura there is purer than here.” Syrfan answered him.
“If this is the case, let’s go.” Tefler told Syrfan. They left the village and went to Wilm.
While they are on their way,
“Do you know what the holy trial is?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“I don’t quite sure yet, but what I know is I have to battle a saint first before I can proceed.” Syrfan answered Tefler.
“We have been fight for days…it is time to leave you on your own.” Clair became sad.
“I can feel that after this is over, we will meet again. I’m very sure of it.” Syrfan calmed Clair.
“Hopefully what you’ve said will come true.” Clair told Syrfan.
One day later, they arrived at Wilm. Syrfan repaired his equipment for an hour and went to the seal. The holy items were glowing and moved to the hole in the seal. Then, the seal was opened like a door and a square hole was formed.
“Before I go in, any final words?” Syrfan looked at the others.
“Promise to me, you will fight to the end and fight the evil. Come back when you are done.” Tefler was crying.
“Don’t expend your energy too much. You must prevent exhaustion.” Clair told Syrfan but remained calm.
“Be alive…you promised to me that you want to marry me.” Fie cried too.
“Thanks a lot for your help and support. I will come back.” Syrfan winked at them and went into the hole. The seal was closed again. Suddenly,
“What is going on?” Tefler and Clair was teleported to Riv while Clair was teleported to Dugras.
“Good luck, Syrfan.” They prayed to Syrfan in their hearts.
The holy trial will start soon….


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