Route of Land(Path 120-The Holy Trial Stage One Part One)

Syrfan walked down the stairs and saw an arena in the front. It is too clean that perhaps the gods cleaned the place. It has no seats for audiences. It is white in color, making it brighter than the rest of the area. He walked to the center of the arena and suddenly a sword was launched towards him from nowhere.
“The test is now started.” Syrfan dashed backwards to avoid the attack.
“Looks like you are ready for the trial.” A saint moved down to the center of the arena. “My name is Totrik Bilder. I am your first opponent. To proceed, you must defeat me.” Totrik introduced himself.
“So, what is this holy trial about?” Syrfan asked him.
“You must defeat me, the eight holy weapon meisters and a high saint. After you defeat me here, you will be teleported to the realm of saint. Every time you completed the battle, your condition will be reset to your best, so that you can use all of your abilities when fighting your way through this holy trial. Good luck, but I will not holding back.” Totrik told Syrfan.
“Then, let’s start this fight.” Syrfan took out the neorinqua sword and stood in an attacking stance.
“Good. I will not let you pass easily!” Totrik took out his sonatrion, a sword with three thin blades which are separated by gaps. He charged it using (this means that he does not charge the physical energy in the sword) sub-zero aura and launched several freezing beams on Syrfan. Syrfan blocked them but the sword was embedded in a transparent crystal.
“This is the normal ice. His aura control abilities are superb.” Syrfan smashed the ice on the ground. He quickly charged his sword and launched several laser beams. Totrik evaded them and rushed towards him.
“Are the saints are too reckless?” Syrfan smiled. Syrfan launched several slash waves towards Totrik. He still evaded them and prepared to stab Syrfan. Syrfan charged his sword with non-elemental aura.
“You will be sent back to the land!” Totrik stretched his arms to stab Syrfan but Syrfan blocked the attack using his sword. The tips met each other. Suddenly a magic circle appeared on Totrik’s feet.
“What?” Totrik was shocked. Three mining axe shaped lasers rose pierced through Totrik and injured him. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with thunder aura and electrocuted him by flowing electric current towards Totrik. Syrfan quickly dashed backwards.
“How he knows this?” Totrik charged himself using hydro aura and cast splash thrust on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly jumped and avoided the geyser launched from the ground.
“Fool.” Totrik quickly cast air pressure on Syrfan. Syrfan was pushed downwards and hit the geyser. The geyser pierced through his body and he fell onto the ground. He cannot move or focus his mind.
“You are finished!” Totrik attempted to stab Syrfan but he quickly cast blade sealing on himself. The sword was turned into metal aura when the sword reached his skin. He turned it into non-elemental aura and healed himself. He punched Totrik’s knee and jumped away from Totrik.
“Tch…this is not in my database.” Totrik charged himself using thunder aura and cast thunder wurinzran on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly destroyed the magic circles using his sword.
“This is impossible.” Totrik was shocked. The holy trial continues….


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