Route of Land(Path 121-The Holy Trial Stage One Part Two)

Totrik launched several punch waves on Syrfan but he quickly reflected them back to Totrik by slashing the punch waves.
“Looks like I underestimated him. He is very powerful. But I will not allow him to win!” Totrik took out his tetraetnaral, a sword with four blades forming a long X. The sword was emitting the brown aura.
“Take this!” Totrik launched a slash wave on Syrfan. It was shaped like a tornado. Syrfan charged his sword and blocked the slash wave. Suddenly, the brown aura was absorbed into the sword and the slash wave disappeared.
“Now I understand. The brown aura is the wave aura.” Syrfan charged his sword and cast slash wave wurinzran on Totrik. Totrik quickly destroyed the magic circles but the slash waves were still launched on him. He was heavily injured but he healed himself.
“This is not good. If I can do something on this….” Totrik became anxious.
“The alternate dimension magic circles…this technique can be only used here.” Syrfan changed his stratergy. Totrik quickly charged his tetraetnaral using thunder aura and launched several thunder strikes on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with electrons and launched an electron ball. The thunder strikes stopped and repelled back to Totrik when they are near to the electron ball. Syrfan smashed the electron ball to the ground by swinging his sword downwards.
“He does not want to use the electron ball to attack me…I never predicted such a defensive move.” Totrik absorbed the thunder strikes as the thunder aura in his tertraetnaral.
“This is bad. His tetraetnaral has no rapier like central blade. He must removed the part earlier at purpose so that I cannot predict the attack or spell that he will using.” Syrfan jumped towards Totrik. Totrik launched thunder laser on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly charged himself with wind and sky auras and cast tornado spin on himself. His body was spinning like a tornado and deflected the thunder laser. Totrik blocked Syrfan’s attack using his tetraetnaral. Syrfan’s sword was stuck in his tetraetnaral. Syrfan quickly launched shoot slash attack on Syrfan and cut through the tetraetnaral’s hilt. A steel shaft was knocked out from the tetraetnaral and it was disabled.
“!” Totrik quickly charged himself with pyro aura and cast pyro ignalial on Syrfan. He was hit and fell onto the ground again.
“Damn…I should have retreated…” Syrfan kicked his stomach. He was thrown 50 meters away. Syrfan quickly took the disabled tetraetnaral and the steel shaft and kept them into his dimensional storage.
“I have other weapons to deal with you. The disabled weapon is yours.” Totrik told Syrfan and took out a stainless steel sword.
“Then, bring it on!” Syrfan ran towards Totrik and launched a wave slash attack but Totrik quickly blocked it using his sword. Syrfan shot a metal bullet on Totrik and it hit him. He lost his grip on his sword. Syrfan quickly finished Totrik by piercing his sword through Totrik’s sword towards Totrik and launched a wave slash attack again.
“You win this match. But remember, your next opponent is a saint who never leaves the realm of saint. And your real mother will be watching you. Be careful and good luck.” Totrik healed himself and told Syrfan. Syrfan was teleported to the realm of saint. He will face another opponent.


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