Route of Land(Path 122-The Holy Trial Stage Two Part One)

“Where am I?” Syrfan wondered where he is. He was standing in a coliseum. Everything surrounding him is white in color except the faces of the saints. The sun was still shining in the “sky”. The saints were sitting on the seat. His condition was reset to his best. Then, suddenly a man like an ancient Romanian warrior in Earth appeared.
“You are now in the saint coliseum. My name is Phonatril Vadnarin, a weapon meister. Get ready to fight.” Phonatril introduced himself. At the meantime,
“Isn’t that the man is your son?” A saint told Nedia Hefurin, Syrfan’s real mother.
“Yes. This is the first time I see him after I returned here for years.” Nedia told her. “I’m proud of you, my only son. Go for it!” Nedia prayed in her heart. Back to Syrfan,
“Let’s start the fight!” Syrfan took out his sword and stood in an attacking stance. Phonatril took out his cosricta, a sword which is attached to his hand at one side only. Its hilt is a very small shield so he has to hold the sword at the side.
“This is the first time I see a sword which is not hold by hands. Perhaps I haven’t gone out from the Yedrei continent yet.” Syrfan was amazed with his sword.
“The Neorinqua sword…looks like Neorinqua really helped him. He must be a very strong fighter.” Phonatril did not expect that Syrfan is holding the sword. Syrfan started his attack by charging his sword and launched several slash waves towards Phonatril. He quickly evaded them and cast thunder astraea on Syrfan. Syrfan took out his Ozaryl sword and disabled the spells by stabbing the magic circles using the swords.
“This is impossible…how can he figure that?” Phonatril shocked. He quickly charged his sword and launched several slash waves on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly destroyed the magic circles and blocked them. Syrfan launched steam cova clash wave on Phonatril to retaliate. Phonatril blocked it but Syrfan quickly dashed to the front and slashed his leg. He fell onto the ground but when Syrfan wanted to injure him further the sword spun and cut his chin. Syrfan quickly dashed backwards.
“This is not an accident. This is a tactical defense.” Syrfan felt suspicious of his injury.
“He is not that reckless. This is going to be hard.” Phonatril took out his bronze shield and attached it on his left arm. Syrfan cast fire ignalial on Phonatril. He quickly blocked the spell using his shield.
“As I expected. I know how to deal with this.” Syrfan smiled.
“Damn…my weakness is exposed. I must use something else.” Phonatril quicklt threw his shield away and launched his sword on Syrfan. Syrfan threw his Ozaryl sword and cast Pyro onep on Phonatril. Lots of small magic circles formed in his body and the pyro bursts were launched within his body. He fell down onto the ground.
“He cast the spell…he will pay for this.” Phonatril healed himself and cast the same spell on Syrfan.
“Don’t ever think about it.” Syrfan cast extinguish to cancel the spell. Syrfan ran to the front and kicked the Ozaryl sword. The cosricta fell onto the ground and his sword flew towards Phonatril. He cast crush on it. The sword was destroyed into bits.
“Tch….” Syrfan threw a bronze sword towards the debris and they combined into Sevlin (an alloy which is made from 35% bronze, 30% platinum and 35% stainless steel) sword. The sword returned to Syrfan.
“Sevlin Knorad…allow me to use your power.” Syrfan kept his neorinqua sword in dimensional storage. The Sevlin sword was glowing, perhaps it was an approval from his spirit. The battle continues….


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