Route of Land(Path 123-The Holy Trial Stage Two Part Two)

“Sevlin Knorad…are you trying to help him? I will stop you.” Phonatril charged himself with oracle aura and cast oracle murinzran on him.
“I will not allow you to defeat me!” Syrfan destroyed the magic circles surrounding him. Phonatril charged himself with pyro aura and cast pyro nelcofim on Syrfan.
“Horizontal wurinzran…don’t ever think about it.” Syrfan destroyed the magic circles again. Phonatril quickly dashed towards Syrfan, knowing that spells will not work on him anymore, and launched shooting wave strike slash attack on Syrfan. A slash wave, which shots some wave bullets, was launched on Syrfan while Phonatril was slashing him. Syrfan quickly jumped backwards and sealed himself in a wurinzran seal.
“The shooting slash wave…he is getting serious now.” Syrfan drew a magic circle using his sword and cast transposing punch on himself.
“You are not playing tricks with me!” Phonatril disassembled his armor. Syrfan punched the magic circle and Phonatril was injured.
“How is this possible?” Phonatril shocked by his damage.
“Your body receives the damage, not the armor.” Syrfan answered him. He quickly assembled his armor.
“Seal crush!” Phonatril cast the spell and the wurinzran seal was shattered. The pieces of the magic circle pierced through Syrfan’s body and injured him heavily. Syrfan fell and crashed onto the ground. Phonatril quickly launched several slash waves on Syrfan to finish him off but suddenly….
“I’m not failing!” Syrfan absorbed the slash waves as non-elemental aura and healed himself. He stood up and pointed his sword towards Phonatril.
“No wonder you are the chosen one. But you are not advancing further.” Phonatril removed his sword and took out two gadragions and attached them on both of his arms. It is very long, about 2.2 meters, with side blades along the lance and joints at the center, a design to enhance their maneuverability, and cylindrical holders to allow him to hold them.
“This is bad. I cannot cast spells anymore.” Syrfan became anxious, knowing that the weapons can be used to reflect spells and magical skill attacks, and kept it into his dimensional storage.
“Fighting without weapons? You are indeed a fool.” Phonatril laughed at Syrfan. Syrfan absorbed the sound waves on his right fist and launched a punch wave on him back. His gadragions were shattered into bits. Syrfan quickly launched the small pieces towards him. He was wounded everywhere.
“Smart move. But I am still able to fight!” Phonatril healed himself and took out a stainless steel sword. Syrfan took out his Sevlin sword and launched several slash waves on Phonatril. Then, he dashed towards Phonatril.
“Fool.” Phonatril absorbed the slash waves and launched a huge slash wave on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly struck the slash wave and it went back towards him. The slash wave was too fast that he was unable to react and it pierced through his body. He fell onto the ground.
“You win, the chosen one. The next opponent will be tougher than me so be careful.” Phonatril healed himself and teleported himself out from the coliseum.
The next stage will start soon….


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