Route of Land(Path 124-The Holy Trial Stage Three Part One)

Syrfan’s condition were reset into his best but his Sevlin sword was separated back into Ozaryl sword and bronze sword.
“Rest in peace, Sevlin.” Syrfan sighed and kept the swords in the dimensional storage. He took out his neorinqua sword and held it tightly. A few seconds later, Syrfan saw someone in a brown cape appeared in the coliseum. Her face was too dark to be seen.
“My name is Sernaclin Empifit, a reaper. I am your third opponent in this trial. Prepare for to be sent back to the land!” Sernaclin took out his ostragaf, a scythe with blades at both ends and another pair attached straight to the ends. She held the scythe like a javelin.
“Looks like they are quite serious regarding this. I must use another weapon.” Syrfan kept this neorinqua sword in his dimensional storage and took out his cafimion, a sword which its hilt is a hole, suggesting that its user must fit his hand in it. Syrfan attached it into his right fist.
“The standard stainless steel cafimion…looks like he is quite smart.” Sernaclin dashed towards Syrfan and attempted to stab Syrfan but he quickly blocked the attack. Syrfan force flowed some thunder aura on her and she was electrocuted. He quickly dashed backwards.
“How can he do that?” Sernaclin was shocked. She quickly charged her ostragaf and launched several slash waves on Syrfan. He quickly attached another cafimion on his left fist and absorbed the slash waves as the wave aura. Then, he cast slash wave wurinzran on Sernaclin. She attempted to break the seals but she failed and she was injured heavily.
“This is not good.” Syrfan stabbed his sword on the ground. Sernaclin cast damage transfer on him but the damage was delivered to the ground. Syrfan was dropped into a crater.
“Damn…” Syrfan quickly teleported himself out from it before she cast fill on the crater and the crater disappeared.
“Curses…he was too fast.” Sernaclin became anxious. Syrfan cross slashed and kicked her back. She was pushed 75 meters to the front. She became angry and launched lots of thunder strikes from her ostragraf. Syrfan blocked them one by one.
“How can I defeat her if she keeps attacking like that? Wait…I know how to deal with this.” Syrfan absorbed the strikes as thunder aura and launched two thunder impulses on her. The thunder strikes were deleted and they hit her.
“Tch…looks like this guy is too powerful. Looks like I have to remove the cape and fight him the other way.” Sernaclin removed her cape. Her amber eyes made Syrfan looking away from her.
“This is bad. She can turn me into dusts whenever she sees me.” Syrfan embedded himself in a satanic vortex and still looking away from her.
“How can he use such kind of powers? My amber eye cannot see him at all. Whatever it is, he is dead meat.” Sernaclin took out her star wand. It is a normal wand with a star attached on an end. She charged it with star and holy auras.
“Holy star? Don’t ever think about it.” Syrfan dashed backwards and crashed on her. The aura in the rod was lost. Yet, she quickly charged her feet with fire aura and kicked Syrfan. He was pushed 25 meters to the front.
“She is quite powerful. This is going to be exciting.” Syrfan smiled. The fight continues….


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