Route of Land(Path 125-The Holy Trial Stage Three Part Two)

Sernaclin charged her rod with pyro aura and launched several circular flame blazes on Syrfan. He quickly dashed backwards towards Sernaclin and ran through her using dimensional change spell. One of the blazes hit her and she was burned.
“He is very persistent. He is not easily defeated.” Sernaclin’s mind was unstable.
“70% aura and 75% spiritual energy left. If this continues I will lose.” Syrfan became anxious. Sernaclin charged her rod with sub-zero and air auras and cast air crystal on Syrfan. Cubic air crystals were launched on him. He quickly dodged them and rushed towards her.
“Trying to crash me?” She cast wall on herself. Syrfan still rushed towards her and stabbed through the wall. Both swords cut her and the wall was shattered. Syrfan injured her further by cross slashing her through her body. Then, he dashed backwards, knowing that she will retaliate using the damage transfer spell again.
“Injury blow!” Sernaclin transformed her injuries into laser on her rod and shot the blast. Syrfan quickly jumped while sealing himself in a murinzran seal. The laser blast hit the seal but the seal was shattered just after the laser blast stopped. She healed herself but she was starting to show signs of exhaustion.
“Damn…my aura reserve is drained too much. Looks like I have to use the weapon.” Sernaclin took out his orquiton, a sword looked like a tuning fork, with a red crystal or gemstone, perhaps a ruby, embedded at the center. The aura was concentrated around the sword.
“Another aura absorber weapon…she must be trying to cast a powerful spell.” Syrfan thought something. Sernaclin charged her sword with pyro aura and launched fiery sound on Syrfan. Syrfan plugged his ears and he was unaffected. She teleported herself away and disappeared. Syrfan quickly dashed around the coliseum randomly.
“You think that this will work?” Sernaclin suddenly appeared at his back and attempted to backstab him.
“Of course.” Before the sword reached his back, he shot several laser beams from his swords and kicked her. She was pushed back a few meters. Syrfan quickly removed his weapons and took the orquiton.
“You are not stealing my weapon!” Sernaclin charged herself with thunder aura and cast thunder current on her sword. Strong currents were flowing towards Syrfan from the sword but he absorbed them as thunder aura.
“Looks like your strategy failed.” Syrfan cast thunder wurinzran on Sernaclin. She was heavily injured, but she still stood up.
“Take this!” She took out her ostragaf and launched the injury blow again.
“You are forcing me to do this.” Syrfan cast transfer mirror on himself. A magic circle formed at his front and another one formed at her back. The blast went into the magic circle in front of Syrfan and went out from the magic circle at her back. The blast hit her and she was fainted. Syrfan passed the stage.
“You have a lot of things to learn.” Syrfan healed her. She was teleported away from the coliseum. The next stage will be as intense as this stage….


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