Route of Land(Path 126-The Holy Trial Stage Four Part One)

Syrfan was recovered again. He was looking around the arena while waiting for his new opponent.
“Their aura tells me that they had combats before they fought me. I’m sure that the other seven chosen ones must be fighting somewhere else.” Syrfan was wondering about something. A few seconds later, a man wearing Taoist clothes went towards him.
“My name is Samia Hagra, a Taoist. I’m your next opponent. You are not advancing!” Samia took out his bronze sword and rushed towards Syrfan. He is too quick that he can only block it using the barrier spell. He quickly took out his Ozaryl sword and stabbed the barrier. A shockwave was emitted from the barrier and pushed him 50 meters away. He was injured as well.
“He can do that? I’ll show him how I fight.” He cast barrier crush on Syrfan. The barrier was destroyed into pieces.
“I will not fall for the same reason anymore.” Syrfan cast effect transpose on himself. The pieces pierced into Syrfan’s body but it pierced out from Samia’s body. Samia was heavily injured but he quickly healed himself. His aura reserves seemed to be full. Syrfan quickly charged himself with pyro aura and cast pyro wurinzran on Samia.
“This trick will not work on me!” He broke the seals and launched several slash waves on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly blocked them. Then, his sword started to glow. He let go of his sword and took out his bronze sword. Samai quickly dashed towards the glowing sword to destroy it, but he hit an invisible barrier and injured himself. The glow of the sword became shinier.
“What happened to the sword? This is not supposed to be happening on non-standard weapons.” Syrfan wondered what is happening. Then, suddenly the sword’s glow was faded. The sword is now having eight side blades connected to a rapier-like central blade. Its hilt was reddish brown in color instead of black. The cross guards turned into tiny blades and it was slightly longer. There is also a tail blade attached at the end of the hilt.
“The Ozaryl octaetnaral…this weapon is upgraded. This is great.” Syrfan kept his bronze sword in his dimensional storage and took the sword. Samia cast pyro neclofim on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly destroyed the magic circles and dashed towards him.
“Trying to slash me? Think again.” He launched several slash waves on Syrfan but Syrfan quickly jumped and attempted to stab him from the air. He launched several slash waves again towards Syrfan. His attack was blocked but Syrfan was pushed away. Syrfan shot several laser beams on him but he quickly blocked them.
“Hmph!” Syrfan cast pyro ignalial on him immediately and the spell hit him.
“How can he do that?” Samia healed himself but he seemed anxious. He quickly launched several slash waves on Syrfan.
“Again?” Syrfan charged his boots with wave aura and stepped on the slash waves. He quickly launched several slash waves on Samia. Samia quickly blocked them again but he quickly charged his sword with metal aura and swung his sword on the bronze sword. The sword was broken but Samia quickly recovered the sword and kicked him. He was pushed 10 meters away.
“So he uses the bronze sword as the aura absorber. I know how to defeat him.” Syrfan thought a stratergy. The duel continues….


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