Route of Land(Path 127-The Holy Trial Stage Three Part Two)

“My secret is now exposed. I must prevent him to damage my sword.” Samia charged his sword with metal aura.
“He must be trying to destroy my weapon. He will regret about this.” Syrfan charged his sword with the white aura and dashed towards Samia. “If my assumption is correct, his main shafts will be destroyed when this attack is completely success.” He launched several slash waves towards Samia.
“I must dodge them.” Samia quickly jumped and shot several wave balls on Syrfan.
“As I expected.” Syrfan reflected the shots like a baseball player. The wave balls was filled with white aura and directed towards Samia. He quickly blocked them using his bronze sword. Syrfan quickly jumped towards him and slashed the sword into two symmetrical halves.
“!” A plug (a shaft that is very short or spherical used as shaft connectors) at the tip of the sword and the shaft in the central blade were destroyed. Samia shocked that his aura reserves are not overflowing (exceeding his own storage limit) again. Samia quickly kicked Syrfan. He crashed to the ground, unable to wake up.
“You are not going to win.” Samia charged himself with thunder aura and cast thunder wurinzran on Syrfan.
“I’m not giving up.” Syrfan cast effective transpose on himself again. Samia was injured again. Syrfan quickly healed himself and stood up. Samia took another bronze sword and healed himself.
“Damn…he has a spare weapon….” Syrfan charged his sword with the white aura again. He flew towards Samia and launched shoot slash attacked on Samia. Samia retaliate by charging his fists with saint aura and launched several punch waves on him.
“!” Syrfan blocked them using his sword. It was cracked badly due to the extensive damage inflicted by the punch waves. Syrfan quickly recovered them and launched several slash waves on Samia. Samia blocked them but he was quickly stabbed through his body by Syrfan.
“How your sword can pierce through my body?” Samia was shocked by his injury. Syrfan quickly pulled his sword out and launched a laser blast on Samia. He crashed onto the ground.
“Damn…he is using this trick….” Syrfan cast crash barrier on himself. Samia teleported himself towards Syrfan’s back and crashed Syrfan onto the ground. The crash barrier shattered and they were unharmed. They quickly jumped away from each other.
“Looks like we are not finished yet.” Syrfan told Samia.
“We will finish this very soon.” Syrfan charged his sword with sub-zero aura and pointed it towards Samia. Samia quickly launched several ground slash waves and dashed towards him. He quickly jumped past the slash waves and launched several air crystals on Samia. Samia quickly smashed them but Syrfan quickly stabbed his body. He fainted. Syrfan won the battle. Syrfan quickly healed him and he was teleported away. The next battle will be as intense as this one….


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