Route of Land(Path 128-The Holy Trial Stage Five Part One)

Syrfan was recovered again. His sight was as sharp as usual. But he sensed that his power that he can draw out was decreasing. Then, a gunner with cowboy’s outfit appeared in the coliseum.
“My name is Sarnacig Lodi, and I’ll defeat you.” Sarnacig introduced himself and took out his salamander gun, a handgun which can be fired at different angles.
“A gun? Don’t ever think about it.” Syrfan launched several slash waves on him. He shot a few bullets and the slash waves were broke apart and they missed. Syrfan quickly blocked the bullets. He was pushed a few centimeters back.
“His bullets…don’t tell me that they are specially modified for combat. A few holes on my sword…they must be the sharpened bullets.” Syrfan shocked by the damage on his sword. He quickly recovered it.
“This is the first time my bullets cannot pierce through a sword…he is very powerful.” Sarnacig was amazed. He quickly charged his gun and bullets with metal aura and shot another few bullets. Syrfan took out his neorinqua sword and launched steam cova slash wave to defend himself. The bullets were deflected to the right.
“Take this!” Syrfan quickly charged his neorinqua sword and smashed the bullets towards Sarnacig. He quickly shot a few bullets to defend himself but his shots were deflected away and he was hit. Syrfan quickly dashed towards him and launched wave slash attack on him. He was hit, but he managed to kick Syrfan and both of them were pushed away 50 meters from each other.
“Curses….” Both of them became nervous. They both felt their presence. Their eyes were staring at each other. Their weapons were pointing on each other. Syrfan dashed towards Sarnacig and attempted to slash him but he quickly shot Syrfan. Syrfan blocked the attack but he quickly kicked Syrfan’s right knee. Syrfan retaliated by using his left knee to kick Sarnacig’s right arm, which is holding the gun. The gun dropped from Sarnacig’s hand and Syrfan quickly took the chance and launched wave slash attack on him. He was pushed 10 meters away.
“How can he do this? Is he a human?” Sarnacig healed himself but he seemed to be shocked by Syrfan’s attack on him.
“This is the first time an opponent effectively attack me that way…he is indeed powerful.” Syrfan kept his neorinqua sword in his dimensional storage and rubbed his right knee. Sarnacig took out his Agau camifion and attached it on his right arm. They stared at each other sharply again.
“He is forcing me to use this…he will regret this.” Sarnacig quickly charged his camifion and launched several pulsar slash waves on Syrfan. The slash waves were combined and speeded itself up.
“You think that I can’t defend myself?” Syrfan charged his sword with metal aura and stabbed the slash wave. The slash wave turned into a blade shaped like a boomerang. Sarnacig was shocked when he saw it. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with the wave aura and launched several slash waves towards him. He quickly blocked them but the last one cracked his sword. He quickly recovered his sword and dashed towards Syrfan.
“He is dead meat.” Sarnacig put his sword on the ground and some fire beams were emitted from the tip. His smile was wicked and evil. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with hydro aura and launched the earth hawk attack to retaliate. Both attacks cancelled each others as the tips of the swords met each other. Steam was emitted and Syrfan quickly stabbed Sarnacig but he quickly dashed backwards and Syrfan’s attack missed. The fight continues….


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