Route of Land(Path 129-The Holy Trial Stage Five Part Two)

Sarnacig quickly shot a few laser beams through the steam but Syrfan jumped across the steam and launched several slash waves through the steam. Sarnacig quickly blocked them. Syrfan stabbed through the sword and injured him. Then, he was further injured when Syrfan swung his sword upwards. A shaft was pushed out from the sword.
“Real dimension shaft? This sword is very powerful.” Syrfan quickly launched a slash wave to destroy it. Suddenly, the camifion was glowing. He quickly dashed backwards.
“Looks like the shafts will go back to its dimension.” Sarnacig stood in an attacking stance. A few seconds later, it turned into the Ozaryl camifion dual blade version. The sword turned from three blades into two blades.
“Hmph…this is great. I can defeat him more easily.” Sarnacig quickly launched several pulsar slash waves on Syrfan. They combined again into one and accelerated itself.
“I’m not going to lose!” Syrfan charged his sword with the wave aura and launched octo cross slash wave (slash wave which is consists of eight parts) to defend himself. Both attacks cancelled each other and caused an explosion. Sarnacig closed his eyes to protect his sight but Syrfan quickly dashed towards him and cross slashed him. Syrfan further injured him by kicking his stomach. He was pushed 30 meters away.
“How can he do this? Is that he was hiding his powers?” Sarnacig was shocked. He quickly healed himself and charged his sword with sun aura.
“Don’t ever think about it.” Syrfan charged his sword with wind and the white auras and launched several slash waves on him. He blocked them and the sun aura charged was lost. A few shafts were damaged as well.
“Damn…his powers are amazing.” Sarnacig quickly threw his camifion away and took out his gun back. He charged the bullets with metal aura and shot a few bullets on Syrfan. Syrfan charged his sword with acid aura and blocked the bullets. The bullets turned into crystals and shattered when they were blocked.
“He is forcing me to exhaust myself. He is not doing this.” Syrfan charged his sword and formed a laser blade on the tip. Syrfan teleported himself towards Sarnacig’s back and stabbed him. Yet, he managed to shot a bullet at his right shoulder. Syrfan was hit and heavily injured. Syrfan quickly kicked him and he was pushed 15 meters away.
“Damn…the sharpened bullets pierced into my body…I must use this spell….” Syrfan cast repel on himself and the bullet was removed from his body. He quickly healed himself. Sarnacig kept his gun in his dimensional sack and took an axe halberd. Its side blades were like the blades of axe, with another diamond shaped metal piece as the tip. Then, he quickly dashed towards Syrfan. “Hmm…I guess that this is the only way.” Syrfan charged his sword with thunder aura and blocked his attack. Thunder pulses were flowed to Sarnacig’s body and he was electrocuted and paralyzed. Syrfan dashed away from him, fearing that Sarnacig will cast a spell on himself.
“His guess is correct.” He charged the thunder aura within his body and cast thunder wurazrai on Syrfan. Yet, Syrfan destroyed the magic circles and launched the pieces towards him. He blocked them using a plane barrier but the pieces pierced through the barrier and injured him heavily. He fainted and Syrfan passed the stage. Syrfan healed him and he was teleported away from the coliseum. The next stage will be as intense as this….


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