Route of Land (Path 131-The Holy Trial Stage Six Part Two)

Encie took out another sword. Its hilt was not aligned with the blade, slightly shifted towards the right end of the blade. She charged it with sub-zero aura and cast sub-zero murinzran embedding on him.
“She will put me into in a cubic air crystal! I must prevent her to do that.” Syrfan charged himself with sun aura and protected himself from the spell. Suddenly, he was hit by another murinzran spell. “She used the wind aura within the seal to cast the spell.” Syrfan quickly destroyed the magic circles and launched the pieces towards Encie. She quickly evaded them but the magical energy from the pieces seeped into her body and injured her.
“How can he do that?” She was shocked. He quickly jumped towards her and stabbed her. Suddenly, she smiled wickedly.
“!” An invisible push wave was launched from her body and pushed Syrfan away. Yet, she was further injured when Syrfan pulled out his sword as the result of the push wave. He was crashed onto the ground and the damage from his stab was transferred to him.
“So this is her tactics. I’ll have to use another strategy.” Syrfan charged his sword with wind aura and launched a slash wave on her. She quickly strafed to the right. But she was hit when the slash wave followed her trail. She fell onto the ground.
“Oh no!” Syrfan cast barrier on himself. The ground exploded when her body touched the ground. He was unharmed but his barrier was shattered. They quickly healed themselves and stood in an attacking stance.
“He can survive the explosion…how much aura that he was using?” Her grip on her sword was tightened. She charged her sword with acid aura and turned her blades into crystal. Then, she charged her sword with acid aura again and dashed towards Syrfan. He quickly charged his sword with alkali and fire auras and blocked her attack. The crystal fumes were released and blocked their visions. Syrfan quickly strengthened his grip and launched a slash wave on her. She was hit and Syrfan quickly tried to slash her but she quickly charged her boots with metal aura and kicked him. His sword was thrown 10 meters away and his head was hit. He was thrown 9 meters away and nearly hit the sword, which was stabbed on the ground.
“He is finished!” She healed himself and quickly dashed towards Syrfan again.
“Encie…you are making your worst move….” Syrfan quickly healed himself, took his sword, and attached it on his left leg while he was still lying on the ground. When she was 3 meters away from Syrfan, she jumped and tried to stab her from above. He quickly raised his sword and stabbed her. Then, he quickly launched a kick wave from his right leg. She was thrown upwards.
“I’m not finished with you yet!” Encie healed himself while he was removing his sword and stood up in an attacking stance. Syrfan charged himself with venom aura and cast venom wurizran on her. She quickly destroyed the magic circles as usual, but the pieces pierced through her body instead. Then, she fell down onto the ground.
“You are not doing this again.” Syrfan charged his sword with pyro aura and launched a pulsar slash wave on her. He quickly charged his sword with hydro aura and launched another pulsar slash wave. Both of them combined into steam gylar (cova slash waves requires different swords from the same attacker) pulsar slash wave and hit her. She crashed onto the ground unconsciously. Syrfan passed the stage. He quickly healed Encie and she was teleported away from the coliseum. The next stage will be as intense as this one….


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