Route of Land(Path 130-The Holy Trial Stage Six Part One)

Syrfan was recovered again. He was discharging his internal aura. He knew that the next opponent will be very different compared to the others. A few minutes later, a woman wearing plate armor, gloves and boots appeared in front of him. Her sword was single bladed, and coated with a barrier.
“My name is Encie Vanten. I’m a saint knight. Perpare for your next battle.” Encie charged her sword and swung it downwards. Syrfan quickly jumped away but she keep attacking him, not giving any chance to fight back.
“As I expected.”Syrfan quickly cast thunder magnarid on her. She was electrocuted and stopped attacking. She fell down onto the ground but she quickly stood up and launched slash waves continuously on Syrfan. He blocked them but he was pushed away little by little.
“She is too offensive. I must do something.” Syrfan cast reflector on his sword and the slash waves were directed back towards her. She quickly jumped and shot several laser beams. Syrfan quickly dash backwards while still reflecting the remaining slash waves. His sword started to crack when all the slash waves were reflected. She quickly evaded the reflected slash waves while waiting for Syrfan recovering his sword.
“Even the god of phoenix cannot resist the attacks completely…she is very powerful.” Syrfan became worried. He quickly charged himself with thunder aura and cast thunder murinzran on her.
“This is impossible! How can a human do that?” She quickly destroyed the magic circles but the thunder pulses were still launched towards her and she was heavily injured. The pieces of the magic circles fell onto the ground like asteroids crashing to the Earth. Syrfan quickly evaded the while pointing his sword upwards and generating a barrier, like an umbrella.
“Looks like I have to use that strategy.” Encie quickly healed herself and cast thunder furinzran on Syrfan. Four magic circles surrounded Syrfan like a tetrahedron. Syrfan quickly cast effective transpose on himself. Yet, this time, she was unharmed.
“She must be copying herself and made the copy invisible.” Syrfan quickly charged her fists with electrons and punched an electron wave on the ground. He quickly cast scope on himself and looked at how the electron waves were moving. Then, he found a hole on the wave.
“I’m discovered!” The copy image became visible. Syrfan charged his sword with wave and the white aura. Then, he shot a laser beam towards the copy image. It quickly evaded the laser but was quickly slashed by Syrfan. The copy image was destroyed and Encie was injured as well. She quickly healed himself again and dashed towards her, pointing her sword directly towards his heart.
“Looks like I won’t need to discharge the remaining aura there.” Syrfan waited for her to getting close to him. When they were 1.5 meters apart, Syrfan quickly launched wave slash attack on her. Her sword was destroyed and she was thrown 40 meters away. Suddenly,
“Damn!” Syrfan’s armor was shattered and he was injured too. “Her sword was launching its last wave attack when it was destroyed.” Syrfan recovered his armor and charged it with metal aura. They stared at each other sharply, thinking of their next move. The battle continues….


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