Route of Land(Path 132-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part One)

Syrfan was recovered again. He realized that he can still draw out powers even that his relative maximum powers were more restricted.
“Looks like my power reserves were more than what I expected.” Syrfan sighed, wondering when he will end the holy trial. Suddenly, an elf holding a mechanical bow and wearing Kodra (another magical metal) armor appeared in front of him. The arrows suggesting that they will explode once they hit anything.
“My name is Esingen (pronounced as E-sin-gen) Geojig. Get ready for the next battle.” Esingen raised his bow.
“Looks like you are quite different compared to the others.” Syrfan told him and raised his sword.
“Let’s start our fight, shall we?” He aimed his bow at Syrfan.
“Yes.” Syrfan charged his sword with thunder aura and stabbed it on the ground. Thunder pulses were launched towards Esingen through the ground. The attacks were absorbed as thunder aura in the arrows and he fired it towards Syrfan. Syrfan quickly jumped but another arrow was fired towards him. He blocked it using his sword but the explosion released thunder beams and electrocuted him. He was thrown 15 meters away and smashed onto the ground.
“How pathetic.” Esingen fired another arrow on him. Syrfan quickly blocked it again. This time, he absorbed the explosion as pyro and thunder auras and cast electrocuting burn on Esingen. He was engulfed in flames and random thunder pulses were launched from the flames. He quickly extinguished the flame by casting sink spell.
“Are we too tactical in this fight?” Esingen asked Syrfan.
“There is no way that we are fighting recklessly.” Syrfan charged his sword with brown aura and launched several slash waves on Esingen. He fired another arrow to defend himself. Both attacks cancelled each other. Syrfan quickly dashed towards him and launched wave slash attack on him. He was injured and pushed 5 meters away.
“This is bad…he is very fast. I can’t imagine how he did that.” He quickly healed himself. He changed his arrows and attached it into the bow. The arrows were sharper than the previous ones. He charged them with sub-zero aura and shot them but were avoided by Syrfan by jumping. However, he shot another arrow on Syrfan.
“This is totally not good.” Syrfan charged his sword with metal aura and slashed the arrow. The sub-zero aura was released and he was frozen. He quickly cast vaporize on himself. The ice turned into steam. Then, he quickly absorbed it as the steam aura in his sword and cast steam murinzran on Esingen.
“He underestimated me.” Esingen destroyed the magic circles using the arrows. Yet, the steam was released from nowhere and injured him. Syrfan quickly dashed towards him again and attempted to launch another wave slash attack, but he quickly shot a few arrows towards him. He was hit and injured. He quickly dashed backwards.
“Looks like I have to change my weapon….” Syrfan kept his sword in the dimensional sword and took out his stainless steel ragio sword. It was like his stainless steel sword, but the side blades were combined as a wrap blade. He quickly launched pulsar slash waves on Esingen but he quickly cancelled them using his arrows.
“This is not going to be easy.” Syrfan became anxious. The fight continues….


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