Route of Land(Path 133-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part Two)

Esingen charged his arrows with sub-zero aura and shot another few arrows. Syrfan quickly evaded them by dashing towards him while ducking, but the sub-zero aura gone inside his back and rendering it frozen.
“Fool.” Syrfan forced flowed the sub-zero aura into his sword and launched a slash wave on him. Esingen tried to block it using his arrows but the slash wave was too fast that he was hit and the bow was destroyed. Some unused arrows were dropped onto the ground. He quickly took the arrows and held them in his hand.
“8 arrows…looks like I have to use this then….” He charged some non-elemental aura in his right hand and drew a selcuin blade bow. The bow was curved like a slash wave but looked like an ocean wave at the end. His stamina was drained and he looked exhausted.
“This is bad…he is trying to defeat me using his ultimate power as the trump card…I can’t do that.” Syrfan kept his sword into his dimensional storage and took out the lance used in Norch back then. He attached it on his right arm, leaving only 75cm unattached. Two rings formed along his arm, strengthening his grip. He quickly charged it with metal aura and dashed towards Esingen.
“He know what I’m doing, but don’t know his limits…how pathetic.” Esingen charged his bow and arrow with oracle aura and shot Yi’s arrow on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly blocked it using his lance’s tip. The arrow spun on the air while Syrfan was pushed 30 centimeters back. Syrfan quickly grabbed the arrow and attached it on his lance.
“How dare you do this on me!” Esingen charged his arrows with acid aura and fired another arrow. Syrfan quickly strafed to the right and launched a slash wave on him. He quickly shot another acid aura charged arrow to defend himself. Syrfan dash backwards and cast base (upgraded version of alkali) furinzran on him. Four magic circles surrounded him in a tetrahedral formation. Lots of base crystals were launched from the magic circles and hit him. He quickly destroyed the magic circle on the ground by firing another two arrows on the ground and the spell was cancelled.
“3 arrows left…the ultimate trump card…no ever survived that before…he will not survive as well….” He was exhausted. He healed himself and charged the bow and arrows using all of his energy and aura reserves. Then, he shot the remaining arrows to the sky. Syrfan quickly dashed towards him and attempted to stab him. The arrows suddenly appreared in front of Syrfan and hit him. The arrows pierced through his body repeatedly and they returned to the sky. He fell onto the ground, unable to move at all.
“Hmph. This is the goodbye kiss for you.” Esingen took out his sword and attempted to stab Syrfan but Syrfan quickly grabbed the sword and broke it. He healed himself and dashed backwards, knowing that the arrows will chase him.
“That elf…he can drain my aura reserves by 65%. I must do something.” The arrows struck him directly from above. He quickly jumped away while absorbing the energy and aura emitted from the arrows. The arrows remained stuck in the ground.
“Fool.” Suddenly, the aura in his body was gone. It is in Esingen’s body. Syrfan became exhausted. Esingen charged them with thunder aura and attempted to cast a spell but he was electrocuted and fainted instead. He won the stage.
“That is my aura, you thief!” Syrfan healed him and he was teleported away. The next battle will be as intense as this….


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