Route of Land(Path 134-The Holy Trial Stage Eight First Half)

Syrfan was again restored to his best condition. The audiences started to mumble among themselves.
“Looks like he is doing very well. Fight to the end, my son.” Nedia prayed in her heart.
A few minutes later, a saint wearing glittering purple robe, gloves, socks and boots appeared in the coliseum. Her purple eyes and hair was emitting unknown purple aura.
“Another unknown aura…I must be careful.” Syrfan kept his lance in his dimensional storage and took out his neorinqua sword and Ozaryl octaetnaral.
“My name is Cerane Auquin. You will not fight the final meister because I’ll defeat you!” Cerane quickly cast thunder wurinzran on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly destroyed the magic circles and launched the pieces towards her.
“This is useless against me.” She reformed the magic circles and sealed herself in a wurinzran seal. Syrfan quickly dashed towards her and slashed her. The magic circles were destroyed as well but the pieces pierced through his body and he was heavily injured. He quickly dashed backwards and healed himself.
“At least the counterattack won’t make me fall again.” He quickly cast thunder wurinzran on Cerane. She quickly dashed through the seal and the spell missed her but she was hit by Syrfan’s thunder astraea spell. She became paralyzed but lots of thunder pulses were launched randomly around the coliseum. Syrfan quickly charged both of his swords with thunder aura and cross slashed her while dodging the random thunder pulses. She was recovered from paralysis and kicked Syrfan. He was pushed 30 meters away.
“Damn…the purple aura goes inside my soul…wait…this is the soul aura. I know how to use this.” Syrfan charged his sword with soul aura and launched a slash wave on her. She quickly cast barrier to protect herself. The barrier blaocked the slash wave but the barrier itself shattered. Syrfan quickly launched the barrier pieces towards her. She quickly cast effective transpose on herself.
“What the?” Suddenly the barrier pieces were dropped onto the ground, leaving no damage on her. The barrier turned into non-elemental aura.
“I can control how they move. You think this trick can fool me?” Syrfan cast effective transpose to himself and cross slashed himself. Cerane was injured and pushed 25 meters backwards. Both effective tanspose spells were ended. She quickly healed herself and took out her sword. the central blade was a pencil like rod instead. She charged it with thunder aura and launched a thunder strike on Syrfan. He quickly absorbed it using the Ozaryl sword and stabbed it onto the ground.
“Thunder tyamial…you’ll regret this.” Cerane cast effective transpose on herself but the sword was shattered instead. Syrfan quickly threw his bronze sword and formed the Sevlin sword again.
“Sevlin Knorad…allow me to use your powers again.” Syrfan took the sword and charged it with satan aura. He launched a pulsar slash wave on her. She quickly blocked it using her sword. Thery were staring sharply on each other. Syrfan dashed towards her and attempted to cross slash her but she quickly blosked the attack using his sword. She force flowed thunder aura into his sword but Syrfan quickly jumped away and discharged the aura. The battle continues….


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