Route of Land(Path 135-The Holy Trial Stage Eight Part Two)

“How can he do that? He is indeed too fast.” Cerane was shocked. She quickly cast thunder astraea on him. He quickly disabled the spell by stabbing the magic circles using his sword. He even absorbed the slash wave as non elemental aura and discharged it.
“If I don’t do this, she can just simple recast the spell and I’ll be hit.” Syrfan launched steam cova slash wave on her. She quickly absorbed it as steam aura and cast steam lurinzran on Syrfan. 12 magic circles surrounded him in dodecahedron formation. Syrfan quickly destroyed the magic circles and dashed backwards.
“He is very cautious…how should I attack him if he always try to evade my attacks?” She launched the pieces towards Syrfan but he jumped to evade them. Syrfan shocked that the pieces were following him. He quickly launched slash waves to protect himself. The pieces turned into dusts and Syrfan quickly swept them away by launching another few slash waves.
“Hmph. She must be using another trick then.” Syrfan flew down onto the ground and waiting for her next move. She removed the rod and attached a metal blade in the central slot. Then, it turned into a camifion. She attached it into his right arm. “So she wanted to fight using physical means.” Syrfan kept his neorinqua sword into his dimensional storage. He charged it with metal aura and dash towards Cerane. She quickly charged her camifion with metal aura and dash towards Syrfan as well. They both launched wave slash attack on each other. Both attacks cancelled each other. They both pushed back 5 meters.
“He is very powerful.” She gave her evil smile to Syrfan.
“Exact cancellation…this is great.” Syrfan smiled excitedly. He quickly dashed towards her again and launched shoot slash attack on her this time. It was too fast the she did not realize about it. She quickly retaliated by punching and kicking his body simultaneously. They both were pushed away again.
“Curses….” Cerane charged her sword with astro and earth auras and launched the central blade as if it was an asteroid. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with neutrons and launched a neutron beam. Both attacks cancelled each other and the central blade was dropped onto the ground. Syrfan quickly took it.
“This technique…looks like I have to use it.” Syrfan threw the blade upwards. He jumped and smashed it towards Cerane as if a badminton player was smashing a shuttlecock. She let her sword caught the central blade and it exactly fit the slot. She charged her sword and launched a slash wave on Syrfan. He quickly charged his sword with metal aura and launched another slash wave to retaliate. Both attacks cancelled each other again.
“How can he defend himself despite the extra energy attained from his smash?” Cerane charged her sword with saint aura and formed a rapier like extension blade on the tip. She launched it along with a slash wave. Syrfan quickly strafed to the left but the slash wave slightly cracked his armor.
“Oh my goodness! She is going to pay for this.” Syrfan charged his sword with pyro aura and formed a blaze around his sword. He swiftly jumped towards Cerane and launched a slash wave towards her while retaining the blaze. She charged her sword with hydro aura and launched a slash wave to protect herself. The slash waves cancelled each other and formed steam around them. Their vision was blurred. Syrfan quickly threw the sword towards her. She strafed to the right but Syrfan sensed her movements. He took out his neorinqua sword, vharged it with thunder aura and launched a thunder strike on her. She was hit and fainted. Syrfan passed the stage. Cerane was healed and teleported out from the coliseum. The next stage will be as intense as this stage….


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