Route of Land(Path 136-The Holy Trial Stage Nine First Half)

Syrfan was recovered again to his best condition. He was wondering who the final weapon meister is. A few seconds later, a bomber wearing explosion nullifier suit and explosion glove appeared in the coliseum. His hands was emitting dark red aura.
“My name is Kanaquig Oxerin. You must defeat me before you fight the high saint.” He quickly charged his hands with hydro and the dark red aura and sprinkled lots of water drops towards Syrfan. Syrfan jumped away and shocked that the water drops exploded into pyro ignalial spells.
“The explosion aura…I must use other weapons.” Syrfan kept his sword into his dimensional storage and took out the lance used to fight the elf. He flew down onto the ground and attached the lance on his right arm. Syrfan quickly dashed towards Kanaquig and tried to ram him like a rugby player charging, with the lance and an explosion barrier as the defences. He quickly retaliated by sprinkling more water drops but the explosion barrier blocked everything. He was crashed by the barrier. The barrier was broke into pieces, which were quickly pierced through his body. Syrfan quickly launched a wave slash attack on him. He was heavily injured, but he quickly filled his gloves with the water drops and managed to punch Syrfan. Syrfan was heavily injured as well and fell onto the ground.
“I’m too reckless this time.” Syrfan quickly healed himself and jumped away from him.
“This is not good at all. He is too powerful.” He healed himself and took out a titanium sword. He charged it with acid aura and titanium (III) fluoride crystals was formed around the sword. He quickly charged it with photons and shot crystal lasers towards Syrfan. Syrfan quickly charged the arrow with positrons and shot positron beams on him. The positron beam pierced through the crystal beam and destroyed the crystals and the blades. Syrfan quickly dashed towards him and attempted to launch wave slash attack on him again. He recovered the sword, covered it in the explosive water and attempted to stabb Syrfan. Syrfan took out his Sevlin sword and launched reverse strike on the sword. His body was injured by Syrfan’s attack. Yet, they both were damaged by the explosion when the reverse strike hit the titanium sword. They were pushed 30 meters away. The sword was destroyed again as well.
“My armor…that man charged lots of explosion aura in the water.” Syrfan shocked that his armor was cracked. He quickly recovered his armor and stood in a defending stance.
“He is too fast. I must do something.” Kanaquig recovered his sword and took back his sword. They both stared each other for 15 minutes while regaining their aura reserves. Syrfan charged his feet with metal and wind auras and bicycle kicked his Sevlin sword towards Kanaquig. He sprinkled the water drops onto the sword but the sword was unharmed.
“The wind formed around the sword act as the barrier for the explosion. He is finished!” Syrfan dashed towards him and kicked the sword again. However, he managed to fill his fists with the explosive water and punched the sword. The sword was destroyed and Syrfan was heavily injured when both attacks cancelled each other. He was pushed 50 meters away. Kanaquig’s hand bones were badly cracked as well.
“This is bad…how long should I defeat him? I need your help, Sevlin Knorad.” Syrfan healed himself, recovered the sword and teleported it back to his left hand.
“This is ridiculous. My hands….” Kanaquig healed himself and discharged his aura. They both stared each other for another 15 minuted while replenishing their aura reserves. The fight continues….


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