Route of Land(Path 138-The Holy Trial Final Stage First Half)

“Great job until now, the chosen one.” A high saint appeared from nowhere. His white Taoist clothing gave a suspicious feel on Syrfan.
“So, you are my final enemy.” Syrfan pointed his sword towards him.
“Be patient. My name is Jigruin Dilatril. I’ve been monitoring you through your mission.” Jigruin told Syrfan.
“That’s it. Stop the crap, will you?” Syrfan took out his neorinqua sword and rushed towards him. He did not block of counter the attack. The attack was repelled and Syrfan was thrown 75 meters away.
“Don’t be that impatient. I’m the mysterious sound when you were teleported here.” He punched the repelling barrier and a sperical wave was launched towards Syrfan. Syrfan charged his sword with wave aura and attempted to pierce through the punch wave. Four pulsar slash waves were rotating around the sword. Syrfan was able to pierce through the spherical wave, but the pulsar slash waves disappeared. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with wave aura again and attempted to break the repel barrier. The barrier was broke into pieces but the barrier was formed back and he was thrown 50 meters away.
“I see. Looks like I have to use this trick then.” Syrfan charged his sword with intense and concentrated satan aura. He quickly dashed towards Jifruin again.
“He wants to fight me using his full powers. I’ll grant you this wish.” He let the repelling barrier broken, but not letting Syrfan damage himself. Syrfan was kicked and the barrier pieces were pierced through his body. He fell onto the ground, completely paralyzed and the aura flow was stopped. He took out his bronze sword and attempted to stab Syrfan. At the meantime,
“Where am I?” Syrfan woke up and found out that he is in the dimensional storage.
“You must wake up from your doom. Fight against your pain and injury. You are now in my sword.” The phoenix’s sound told him.
“I understand.” Syrfan’s soul was absorbed into his neorinqua sword and it moved on his own will. It blocked his attack and cut his arms.
“So, you are still alive. You are the first one to survive the attack.” Jigruin charged his sword with earth aura and slashed the neorinqua sword. Syrfan charged it with the white aura and stabbed through the central blade. Then, it slashed through the central blade and the hilt. His sword was disabled. Then, Syrfan’s body was recovered. The sword returned to Syrfan’s right hand.
“Looks like I haven’t finished with you yet. I’ll make sure that you will give me the holy weapon.” Syrfan woke up and pointed his sword onto the ground. He charged it with wave aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Random slash waves were launched towards him from nowhere. Jigruin avoided the slash waves and diverted them towards him instead. He quickly ran around Jigruin in a circular formation. The counterattack missed as well.
“Looks like you are able to withstand my abilities so far. But you will not get away with this!” Jigruin cast thunder Purinzran on him. Twenty magic circles formed around him in an icosahedron style. Syrfan quickly destroyed the magic circles, but his attack activated the spell. He quickly cast effective transpose on himself. Yet, he was damaged by the spells.
“He must be casting another spell with the same effect on himself earlier.” Syrfan healed himself and became exhausted. He charged his sword with wind aura and launched the earth hawk attack on Jigruin. Jigruin avoided his attack and kicked him. He was thrown 15 meters away. He quickly stood up and prepared for another attack. The final battle continues….


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