Route of Land(Path 139-The Holy Trial Final Stage Second Half)

Syrfan charged his sword with thunder aura and launched several thunder strikes on Jigruin. He strafed to the right and avoided the attack. He took out another bronze sword and dashed towards Syrfan.
“Is he going to crash me?” Syrfan jumped and attempted to stab him from above but he quickly launched the shoryuken attack on Syrfan. Syrfan quickly launched a punch wave towards him. He was pushed downwards and stabbed. Syrfan quickly pulled out his sword and dashed backwards.
“Hmm…looks like he becomes better now.” Jigruin healed himself and dashed towards Syrfan again. Syrfan charged his sword with sky aura and clouds were formed around the sword, spinning swiftly around the sword. Jigruin attempted to launch shooting wave slash attack (an attack which launches a slash wave, which shoots projectiles from it and slashes the target at same time) on Syrfan but Syrfan quickly dashed towards Jigruin. A conical slash wave formed around the sword, blocking the projectiles and pierced through the slash wave but the bronze sword blocked the attack and he was kicked repeatedly. He was thrown 50 meters away.
“Damn…I can’t damage him.” Syrfan healed himself and cast phantom blade astraea on Jigruin. He cast flash on himself and ran towards Syrfan while avoiding the spell. Syrfan charged his sword with earth aura and stabbed it onto the ground.
“He is just standing still…looks like he is suffering from amnesia now.” Jigruin was running towards Syrfan without realizing the ground has changed. Suddenly, he accidentally kicked a rock on the ground. Syrfan dashed towards Jigruin while charging his sword with wave aura. “Damn…no wonder he was just standing still…I must use this.” Jigruin charged himself with gravitons, explosion aura and wave aura. He cast gravity on himself to make himself fell faster.
“As I expected.” Syrfan charged his sword with explosion aura and stabbed it onto the ground. An explosion barrier was formed around Syrfan and he stopped moving while defending himself from the explosion when Jigruin’s body touched the ground. Syrfan defended himself from the explosion but the barrier was shattered and he became exhausted again.
“He should defeat me just now. But it’s too late for him. Goodbye, Syrfan Sigmeund.” Jigruin woke up, without affected by the explosion at all. He quickly charged his bronze sword with saint aura and launched several cross shaped slash waves on Syrfan. Syrfan, who was too exhausted to charge any aura, charged his sword and blocked the slash waves. He was pushed away slowly.
“Looks like I have to help you again.” Sevlin’s voice suddenly appeared again and the bronze sword and Ozaryl sword combined again into Sevlin sword. Then, the swords were shining. Syrfan’s neorinqua sword combined with the Sevlin sword into phoenix rider sword. Syrfan was recovered again.
“What the?” Jigruin charged his sword with wave aura and dashed towards Syrfan. A half rugby ball shaped slash wave formed around the sword. Syrfan charged his sword with thunder aura and dashed towards Jigruin. An octagram formed in front of the sword’s tip. Both attacks cancelled each other and created a huge explosion, 5 times larger than the one Jigruin “made”. Jigruin was unable to withstand the explosion and fainted. Syrfan finally passed the holy trial. They were both healed and teleported back to the coliseum.
He will receive his holy weapon and something he does not expect…


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