Route of Land(Path 140-The Holy Weapon)

“Syrfan Sigmeund, the chosen one for the route of land, you have passed our test and you are indeed worthy for the holy weapon. Take this.” Jigruin was standing 5 meters in front Syrfan, who are standing at the center of the coliseum. The Seraph Sword was glowing, emitting intense and concentrated saint aura. Syrfan took the sword and it combined with the phoenix rider sword into Neorinqua rider knight sword.
“Use this wisely, the chosen one.” Phonatril told him.
“So, you are the meister for Seraph sword.” Syrfan smiled.
“Do you want to talk to your mother before you go?” Jigruin asked Syrfan.
“Thank you.” Syrfan knelt in front of him.
“Don’t talk too long.” Jigruin and Phonatril teleported Syrfan and Nedia to a garden, filled with different types of flowers everywhere.
“I missed you so much.” Syrfan’s tears dropped slowly onto the ground.
“Be strong. I know you can fight your sorrows.” Nedia wiped his tears.
“How have you been in the realm of saint?” Syrfan asked her.
“As good as always. Do you get your new mother?” She asked him with a soft tone.
“Nope. But I’m just good as always. Be happy then. We’ll meet again.” Syrfan gave his last words before he was teleported away.
“Fight, Syrfan.” She prayed in her heart.
The route of land is finally ended. There are other routes which ended at the same time as well. Let’s look at them one by one….

New novel starts tommorow.


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