Route of Sea(Path 1-Emergency)

“Hey, Serene! The robbers are coming again!” Taffy Nalquim, Serene Foltaf’s mother yelled at her.
“What? Looks like they are too persistent after I blew the scuba assaulters into bits. I’ll make sure that they won’t invade here again,” Serene took out her pair of salamander guns (a standard .47 gun which has the ability of shooting in multiple directions) and rushed outside. The underwater residential area of the Egnyl Island was invaded by the robbers in a frontal attack.
“You will be destroyed again,” Serene charged her guns with explosion and wave auras and randomly shot towards the robbers, who were wearing black capes and riding on a diving accelerator (a device which is “steered” to increase the diving speed).
“We are not defenseless anymore!” They cast explosion and wave barriers on themselves while shooting laser beams on her.
“Fool,” Serene cast reflect on herself. She quickly changed the bullets, and shot the clustered bullets on the robbers. The robbers were killed when their diving accelerator exploded due to the damage from the clustered bullets.
“Looks like my good daughter save the day again,” Argal Foltaf, Serene Foltaf’s father came out from nowhere.
“But your job is not over yet,” A sound portal appeared from nowhere. “I need you to help us. The Tazen island underwater town received a threat that if we don’t give the Grumedio (an alloy made from 25% Scandium and 75% Paladium) blade gun (a gun which has blades attached to the barrel); they will blow the underwater temple 3 days from now. Please help us. We are willing to give you the weapon if you can drive off them,” The sound portal disappeared.
“Well, I’ll go after I finished packing up. Take care of everything while I’m not here. I feel that I’ll leave here for a long time,” Serene told Argal and went back to her house and packed her equipment with 2000 Gleds as travel money before she left the area. She did not know that her destiny will come soon…


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