Route of Sea(Path 2-Interruption)

While she was swimming towards Tazen island,
“What is that compass? Is it signaling something? Before the yesterday’s attack they usually attack in a group of two or three people but this time, it becomes a horde of them. Perhaps they were forced to do that?” Serene was wondering something. At the meantime,
“So, what do they want with us?” A mysterious sound above the sea level spoke to someone.
“Captain, if we don’t hand in the platinum anchor, the mariners (people who live mainly underwater) will sink our ship,” Another mysterious sound above sea level was heard.
“Looks like I have to go by myself.” A man wearing a sailor uniform dived into the sea and saw Serene.
“Looks like they are pretty fast. I must kill her,” He took out his sonar cannon and attached it on his right shoulder.
“Damn…he must be mistakenly take me as the robbers…I must convince him by force,” Serene charged her guns and shot a few bullets towards the cannon. He quickly dashed to his left and shot a few sonar waves on her. She quickly jumped and swam towards the sea level.
“Looks like I’ve attacked the wrong person, I guess,” He kept his cannon in his dimensional storage. Serene landed on the ground.
“I heard your conversation just now. Is the threat come from somewhere north?” Serene asked her.
“Yes, somewhere about Xirgon Island. I’ve also heard that Tazen Island will be assaulted as well. Looks like we have the same enemy then. Would you mind if I tag along, miss?” He asked Serene using a sweet voice.
“Sure. My name is Serene Foltaf. And you?” Serene gave a sweet smile to him.
“My name is Kairos Ceradig, I’m a captain of the ship above us. Let me leave a message to them first,” Kairos wrote a letter and threw it upwards as if it was a thrash.
“Let’s go!” Serene dragged him and the continued their journey. They will encounter the danger they haven’t expected yet….


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