Route of Sea(Path 3-Ambush)

Two days later, they arrived at Tazen Island underwater town, north of the Egnyl Island underwater residential area. The buildings are like domes and there are less “cliffs” surrounding them compared to Egnyl Island underwater residential area. The houses are scattered around the place, but the roads are still wide.
“So, you’ve…why is Mr. Ceradig is with you? Is there anything else we’ve haven’t settle yet?” Naran Bisel, the chief of the town shocked that Kairos is along with Serene.
“Well, regarding this, actually I’m suspecting that the ones who made a threat on your town are the same as the ones who made a threat to us. I’m coming here to help you.” Kairos answered him.
“So, can you show me where the temple is?” Serene asked Naran.
“It is over there. You can enter anytime.” He pointed towards a cave in the cliff which is actually Tazen Island.
“Wait for me. They might ambush this place anytime.” Serene told Kairos and swan towards the cave. The cave is too dark so Serene was forced to cast sunlight on herself to lighten the place. She swan further in and went into the temple.
“Come here.” A mysterious sound appeared from nowhere. She saw a light ball on the altar in front of her. She swam towards there and suddenly she was teleported to the realm of saint. The dimension is a complete white void. She saw nothing but a shining spherical orb in front of her. The compass was moved itself towards the spherical orb and absorbed the light and turned into the destiny and fate’s compass. It is like a normal compass but with black and white magnets.
“This is your true destiny. As the chosen one, you must attempt the holy trial. Collect three more holy items to qualify.” The mysterious sound appeared again and Serene was teleported back to the temple.
“What does that mean? Argh, better I fight the robbers first.” Serene went back towards Kairos.
“So, how was that?” Kairos asked her.
“Well, I don’t know why I’m chosen by the gods. Perhaps my shooting skill is extremely powerful, I guess.” Serene sighed. Suddenly, a man crashed and pushed them a few meters back.
“Tch…I cannot stop them…what is happening on me?” The man, who was heavily injured by the broken armor, was suddenly recovered when he stared at Serene.
“Looks like the robbers are there. Let’s fight!” Serene took out her guns and dashed outside. They were shocked that the robbers sent a few marine cavalries towards them. They were wearing hydraulic jet backpacks and a pair of laser harpoon launcher.
“No wonder you were pushed that far. You should change your equipment.” Serene told him as he rushed out along with Kairos. He quickly equipped himself with Kevlar suit and shot some clustered bombs towards them. Kairos charged himself with metal aura and launched lots of platinum blades towards the robbers. Serene charged the bullets and shot some clustered laser bullets on them. They were quickly defeated.
“Great job. Let’s go back inside and see the chief.” Serene went back inside. But the enemies are yet to be destroyed….


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