Route of Sea(Path 4-Sudden Attack)

“Well, what’s you name? I’m Serene Foltaf and he’s Kairos Ceradig,” Serene asked him.
“My name is Waryl Irga, a nautical knight from Tuzis Island,” Waryl answered her. They wandered around the town to find Naran. He was reparing his shot gun in a weapon shop.
“So, you defeated them?” Naran asked them.
“Yes, they are wiped out. Where is the weapon that you’ve promised?” Serene asked Naran.
“Here it is. Take it yourselves,” He pointed at a table in front of them. Serene took the gun and kept into her dimensional storage. They left the shop without leaving a word.
“So, where are you going?” Kairos asked Serene while chasing her who swam northwards while the other two followed her.
“I’m going to Xirgon Island. I must destroy them,” Serene answered him.
“Don’t be that reckless! You cannot defeat that whole bunch of them like that!” Waryl stopped her.
“They will attack again if we keep on defending!” Serene shouted at him.
“We need a plan. The place is heavily guarded.” Kairos advised her. Suddenly, she sensed a bullet coming towards her. Waryl blocked the shot using his marine knight sword. The blue sword, with curved up cross guards and thirty centimeters long tail blade attached to the end of the hilt deflected the shot upwards.
“Who are you?” He pointed his sword towards his front.
“I thought that there is only one of you.” A woman, about 20 years old, wearing tight silver thread tube top suit appeared in front of them.
“Let me fight her. I fought that damned woman before.” Kairos took out two impulse cannons and attached them in his hands.
“Are you still mad on what happened to your ship? I’m not the one who sinks it!” She yelled at Kairos.
“I know you were just passed by on that time. Then, why you shot us, Creise Astra?” Kairos asked her angrily.
“Because I have to kill you or the robbers will kill my father. He was taken hostage between Xirgon Island and the Marquil Island. Sorry, but I don’t want to do this on you.” Creise charged her guns and shot a few bullets. Oddly, they moved in a parabola fashion, perhaps due to water resistance.
“Reverse impulse!” Kairos launched several sonar waves on the bullets. The wave aura was concentrated in it. The bullets accelerated towards her instead.
“Why you keep on fighting me?” She evaded the bullets and launched another few shots. The bullets dived into the seabed instead.
“Because you want to fight me at the first place!” He jumped towards her and evaded the bullets.
“Don’t you afraid that I’ll really kill you?” Creise pointed her gun on his heart.
“Because I think that there is a better way.” He held her hands. “What if we rescue your father together? I don’t really want to fight you. You are too kind to be fought.”
“I…I…” She was shocked. “You made that promise, you have to complete that.” They swam towards Serene.
“Let’s go. We’ll be powerful enough to blow them up.” Serene called them. They quickly went to the north. But their enemies will be different….


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