Route of Sea(Path 5-Misunderstanding)

After two days of traveling, they arrived at Tuzis Island submarine village. The houses are all made from unused submarines and they are very colorful compared to the others.
“This is it. We are near the robber’s hideout,” Serene told everyone.
“So, what actually happened before you met us?” Kairos aksed Waryl.
“I fought them here after I stocked my supplies here. I was forced to retreat to Tazen Island after knowing that they overpowered me. This time, they will not escape,” Waryl tightened his fists. Suddenly, a man in black went towards them.
“I know you will come to destroy us, but actually the demons disguised as us,” The man told them.
“Wait a second. How was that possible?” Serene shocked with that statement.
“The demons have the capability to do that. No wonder I feel weird of the incidents,” Creise told her.
“Our policy is not to harm civilians, so it is impossible that we launched those attacks, especially to sink your ship and destroy your town,” The man told everyone while pointing at Serene and Kairos.
“Now everything is screwed up. Where is the demons’ lair?” Waryl became impatient.
“Somewhere north from Xirgon Island. Our hideout is actually east from here. Yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Flak Yart, a reaper (a knight who equip scythes, sickles and fabric based armors) working for Phantom Vigilante Agency. I cannot go along with you because I have to settle the misunderstandings from the attacks, but I can tell you that the demon’s lair is heavily guarded and fortified. You cannot defeat them easily. Yeah, I almost forgot, Creise’s father is now with us so don’t worry too much about that.” Flak told everyone.
“Phew. At last my father is safe now,” Creise sighed.
“Should we have some fortress destroyer or some other weapons?” Kairos asked him.
“That won’t work. Their lair must be designed to prevent such attacks. We need bombs instead, but I have only a few shockwave grenades. We must stock up right now,” Serene answered him.
“About that, there are specialized shops which sell bombs. Perhaps we can some supplies fast there.” Waryl told everyone.
“Let’s go. We don’t have the time to lose,” Creise yelled and they quickly swam to Xirgon Island mariner area, which is north from there. After 30 minutes, they arrived there. The houses are built as if they are on the land. In fact, they are arranged in columns. The houses are white in color.
“So, where’s the shop?” Kairos asked everyone.
“There,” Serene pointed at a barely visible hanging board at their left corner, having a picture of a bomb there. They walked to the shop.
“So, what do you need?” A shopkeeper asked them.
“I need 15 shockwave grenades, 20 marine torpedoes, and 4 aqua bazookas,” Waryl showed his S-class bomber license to him.
“Okay. Looks like you want to blow the demons, isn’t it?” He asked Waryl while handed the items to Waryl.
“Yes. They must be destroyed.” Waryl kept them into his dimensional storage. They left the shop and continued to swim northward.
“Are you ready? This is no turning back,” Serene asked everyone.
“Yep!” Everyone answered her. The true fight begins….


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