Route of Sea(Path 6-Fotress Battle)

One day later, they arrived in front of the demon’s lair. There is a fortress filled with armies of demons, which are patrolling the fortress.
“So, what should we do?” Serene asked Waryl.
“Shot the bazookas on the patrolling demons first. We’ll deal with the fortress later,” Waryl answered her.
“Be careful. I sensed some dark aura from them. They are not easy to be defeated,” Creise warned them.
“Don’t worry. The bazookas are specialized for underwater combat so they will not escape.” Kairos told her.
“Let’s swim nearer and blast them,” Waryl whispered to everyone and they got their bazookas ready. The bazookas were shot towards the demons and they were wiped out easily. They quickly swam inside and found out a mermaid statue was trapped in a cage and a sea medusa.
“Tch…looks like I’m discovered now. Now taste my power!” She charged her eyes with rock aura and cast petrifying stare on herself. Serene cast reflection mirror on everyone. They were protected from the spell, but she was unharmed. “That kind of spell does not work on me!” She launched her snakes and the mirrors were shattered. They quickly bound themselves into darkness so that they will not see the medusa.
“Fire ignalial!” Serene charged her bullets and cast the spell on her gun. A magic circle formed slightly in front of her gun’s barrel. She launched a shot through the magic circle and the bullets were filled with concentrated fire aura. The shots hit the medusa and the spell was automatically cast on her. A magic circle was formed on the ground below her feel and a burst of heat wave was launched upwards from it. She was injured but she quickly healed herself.
“Take this!” Waryl dashed towards and cross slashed her. She was weakened.
“Let’s do this. We’ve done that before,” Kairos told Creise.
“Yep. Encased electric!” Creise answered him. They cast the spell on the medusa. A cuboid force field formed around her and electric pulses were launched from the vertices. She was turned into dusts and the mermaid turned back into normal.
“Looks like this is the first time we fight like this,” Waryl told everyone.
“Hey, get me out from here!” The mermaid shouted on them. They quickly destroyed the cage and freed her.
“So, what brings you here?” Creise asked her.
“Actually I was escaping from the demons north from here, which located at Iark strait, west of the Cersque Island. But they were managed to catch me and imprisoned me here.” She answered Creise.
“Looks like we have to travel north again,” Waryl sighed.
“One more thing, the pirates also hunted me. I think they want the jewels that I’m now wearing.” She showed her pendant and ring.
“Looks like we are in trouble then. But we must go on no matter what. The demons must be punished!” Serene told everyone.
“Let’s go!” Kairos told everyone. They left the fort and continued to swim northwards. They will face stronger enemies there….


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