Route of Sea(Path 7-The Exorcists’ Journey Part One)

While they swam towards Iark strait,
“So, looks like we are tagging along now, isn’t it?” Waryl asked everyone.
“Or should I say I dragged you all into my own problems?” Serene answered him with a sarcastic tone.
“Well, don’t forget that you cannot deal with the demons alone. You need us to defeat them, isn’t it?” Kairos asked her.
“You are right. Serene, don’t hold too much of yourself,” Creise told her.
“Oh no,” Waryl sensed a giant sea snake nearby.
“The poison aura is very intense…be careful folks,” Serene charged her gun with electric aura and cast encased electric on her gun. Again, she shot the bullet through a magic circle formed in front of her gun.
“I’ll make it a one hit kill!” Waryl charged his sword with electric aura and rammed it on the bullet towards the sea snake.
“Fool,” Creise and Kairos dashed towards its back and launched sonar pulses from their sonar cannons. The sea snake was stunned by the sonar pulses and was encased in a barrier by the bullet. Electric pulses were launched from the vertices and Waryl was stopped outside of the encasing.
“This is bad,” Creise kept her sonar cannon into her dimensional storage and took out her stainless steel trident. The sea snake was slightly injured and dashed towards Serene.
“Get off, you bastard!” Serene took out his Grumedio blade gun, charged it with ice aura and dashed towards it. It dodged the attack and attempted to attack Serene but Waryl quickly kicked his sword. It stabbed through the sea snake’s body and it crashed onto the seabed.
“It is still struggling to kill us,” Kairos reversed the barrel of the cannon and shot a shockwave blast onto the snake. It was injured but still charging onto them.
“Looks like you want a death penalty,” Creise charged her trident and launched several laser beams towards it. The laser beams weakened it, but it still charged towards them at lower speed.
“You guys, watch this.” Serene charged her bullets with metal aura. “Clustered metal darts!” She shot the bullet. The bullet was transformed into hundreds of small sized darts and moved in high speed. The darts frontally pierced through its body and it was broke into pieces of dead neat. The blood spread out throughout the area.
“I can’t see this,” Waryl swam upwards to the sea level.
“That coward,” Serene swam towards Waryl and dragged him down.
“You are so mean!” Waryl closed his eyes.
“How can you fight if you cannot see blood?” Serene scolded him.
“Yeah, you need to get used to that,” Cresie and Kairos told him too. Waryl slowly opened his eyes and try to see the blood.
“That is very scary. But I’ll try to get used to this,” Waryl told everyone.
“You better do that soon,” Serene winked at him. He blushed and turned his face away from Serene.
“Why I feel like this?” Waryl became anxious.
“Calm down, pal. I feel sorta…like that too,” Kairos told him.
“This is going to be funny then,” Serene and Creise were giving a wicked smile. Suddenly, a knight in black approached them. Their fight continues….


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