Route of Sea(Path 8-The Exorcists’ Journey Part Two)

“Hand me the compass!” The knight yelled at Serene.
“No!” Serene charged her gun with light aura and her bullets with dark aura. He quickly dashed towards her but she swiftly dashed backwards. Before she managed to pull the trigger, suddenly,
“Don’t forget us, Serene!” Kairos and Waryl, who were at her side, dashed forward and slashed him. He was thrown away but their weapons were cracked. His armor was cracked as well.
“That fella has a sturdy armor. My stainless steel sword is definitely will crack.” Kairos sighed. He kept his sword in his dimensional storage and took out his esglier, a mining axe with extended blades attached to the end of the heads.
“What are you doing?” Creise wondered what attack he will use. He dashed towards the knight and stabbed his esglier.
“Take this!” Creise swam towards the knight and kicked the esglier. It pierced through his body and defeated him. He teleported himself away in a severe injury.
“Thanks, Creise. You saved me.” Kairos hugged her. She was shocked and blushed.
“How romantic, isn’t it?” Waryl asked Serene.
“Disgusting,” Serene answered him.
“What?” Waryl shocked by her answered.
“Don’t you see that Kairos hugged her too tightly? In severe case it can suffocate her as it will destroy the rebreather. How could Kairos overlooked that?” Serene answered him.
“Well, I guess you are somewhat like a guy,” Waryl teased her.
“I don’t like some traits of girls. They are too inferior,” Serene told him.
“Well, want a fight?” Waryl dashed backwards and pointed his sword on Serene.
“We’ve better check if the are demons nearby. About our fight, I promise, I’ll fight you sometime,” Serene looked around the area.
“We’ve got company again,” Kairos and Creise sensed another enemy nearby. The knight appeared again. His body was healed and he was protected by a barrier. Kairos charged his sword with water aura and slashed him.
“That won’t work,” Serene shot the bullets, knowing that his attack will be repelled. The sword was cracked, but the barrier was cracked too when the bullets hit him. Waryl charged his fists and punched the barrier on the cracks. The barrier was destroyed into pieces.
“This is my chance,” Creise charged herself with dark aura and cast reaper’s slash on him. A scythe rose from the seabed and slashed him. But the attack did not affect him. He punched the ground and everyone was stunned.
“I can’t move….” Waryl was trying to move his arms but the stun status ailment still in effect. The knight dashed towards Kairos and attempted to punch him, yet,
“Rock strike!” Creise cast the spell. Underwater rocks were launched towards him. The attack was not harming him, but making him busy destroying the rocks.
“I can battle using my will…you are forcing me to do this,” Serene set her gun in remote control mode, charged the bullets with wood aura and shot him repeatedly. The bullets pierced through his body and turned him into dusts.
“Phew…it’s finally over,” Waryl sighed.
“Not yet. We have to travel north to defeat the real enemy,” Serene reminded him. They continued to swim northwards. The demons are still lurking somewhere….


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