Route of Sea(Path 9-The Exorcist’s Journey Part Three)

A few days later, they arrived at Iark strait, at the east side of the Cersque (pronounced as sersk) Island. The sea was darker than the ones in the southern areas, perhaps due to slightly larger dark aura concentration around that area.
“Hey, are you sure you want to go here? We haven’t got new supplies since we fought the demons. We better go to the left,” Kairos asked Serene.
“I know think she wanted to go to the underwater wooden village, just a few minutes of swimming over there,” Waryl told him, pointing his right hand to the east.
“That place is known for the ‘legal black market’. We can get some rare weapons there, but I think she wanted to sell that useless blade gun and trade it for other types of blade guns,” Creise told him too.
“This is creepy…how you know my true intentions?” Serene became anxious.
“I got my sonar cannons there,” Kairos answered her.
“I also got a few spell books there too,” Creise smiled.
“No wonder…hopefully I will have enough money to get the sniper blade shooting gun (a sniper gun which shoots blade based bullets). Still, we haven’t eaten anything good yet, isn’t it?” Serene winked at everyone.
“Yeah,” Everyone agreed. Suddenly,
“Help, the demon is raiding the place!” A villager shouted.
“Let’s go!” Serene called everyone and they rushed towards there. A reaper was raiding the village using its scythe. Serene quickly charged his bullets with fire aura and shot a heat bullet on it. Waryl dashed towards it and launched a few wave punch attack (an attack which launches punch waves while the punch is delivered) but it strafed to his right and the attack missed, despite that the bullet pierced through it.
“What? It does not sustaining damage?” Serene became anxious. Kairos quickly took out his sonar cannons, attached them on his shoulders and launched sonar wave pulses on it. It was unaffected. Kairos removed his cannons and dashed towards it. He took out his hook and struck it, but it was unharmed and slashed him using its scythe.
“I won’t allow that!” Creise took out her mielsta. It was a chain which has a sword blade attach to one of its end. She dashed towards its back and cross-swung it. It was torn into a few parts and the cloth sank onto the ground.
“Looks like you are quite smart then,” Serene praised her.
“Yeah, I don’t figure out that it is that easy,” Kaiors rubbed his hair.
“That weapon…this must be your favorite,” Waryl told her.
“Well, that chain is the gift for my 18th birthday. I found it very useful when we are in a siege. Well, isn’t that we want to have some rest? Let’s go!” Creise told everyone. They quickly wandered around the village. At the meantime,
“Hey, she has the holy item. Should we go and assault her?” A mysterious man was hiding behind the buildings.
“No. We’ll assault her later. These companions of her will give us lots of trouble. We’ve better follow them,” Another mysterious man replied.
“All right. But don’t get discovered,”
“I know that very well,”
They walked around the village and looking for Serene and the others. Looks like they have new enemies….


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