Route of Sea(Path 10-Pirate Assault Part One)

After a few minutes,
“Now!” They dashed towards Serene and rammed her. Waryl quickly jumped and cross slashed them.
“What you want from us, Quinter clan?” Kairos took out his stainless steel sword and pointed it towards them.
“I’m Baryon Lantis and he’s Kinar Ismion. We are assigned to kill you and steal the holy item from her.” Baryon pointed on Serene.
“Don’t ever think about that!” Creise took out her mielsta and threw it towards them. It was spinning randomly as if it was a bar in a sphere. It hit both of them and they were pushed away. Suddenly, it returned to Creise’s hand.
“What, it teleported itself back to the owner?” Waryl was shocked.
“That kind of weapon has owner recognition so it will teleport itself back when the owner’s mind called it back. Kind of convenient, isn’t it?” Kairos explained to him. They took their swords and launched a pair of water slash waves, which combined into a water sielga slash wave. Waryl charged his sword with water aura and blocked it, but he was pushed one meter away.
“You can’t defeat us easily!” Baryon charged his fists and punched the seabed. A shockwave was launched towards them. Serene charged her bullets with water aura and shot it onto the ground. The shockwave was stopped.
“The water wave…she is indeed the best sniper in Lefrad. But she won’t survive me attack,” Kinar took out his platinum sword and dashed towards their back.
“Resguardo wave blow!” The charged their sword and swung their sword backwards as they were backing each other. The waves were like a spherical curtain and moved towards them. Kairos and Creise dashed sideways but Serene and Waryl stayed there. The waves combined into a hemisphere and it exploded.
“Damn…no wonder they dashed away…” Waryl and Serene were heavily injured. Baryon and Kinar dashed towards them and attempted to finish them off, but Kairos and Creise dashed towards them faster and launched a few punch waves on Baryon and Kinar.
“Don’t make us repeat our lines!” Baryon and Kinar jumped directly above them and attempted to stab their head but,
“Not so fast, suckers!” Serene charged her bullets with electric aura and cast encased electric ignalial on her gun. She shot the bullets and they hit them. They were electrocuted and fainted.
“Watch out!” Kairos dragged Waryl away and Serene dragged Serene away before they hit the ground. Creise healed Serene and Waryl.
“Hey, how they know you?” Serene asked Kairos.
“That clan was an opposing clan with my own clan. It’s a long story and it is associated with Creise. Perhaps this is not a suitable time to talk this,” Kairos sighed.
“We better be careful onwards and I know they will strike us again,” Creise told everyone.
“You are right on this. The pirates will do anything to get what they want,” Waryl told her. Suddenly, another pair of pirates appeared.
“Looks like you defeated our comrades. We’ll not forgive you,” They took out their guns and aimed them at Serene.
“Bring it on, loser!” Serene taunted them. They stared each other sharply. The next battle will be harder….


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