Route of Sea(Path 11-Pirate Assault Part Two)

“Fyen Plim and Nastra Vordom…the skyline pair…looks like the clan is serious about this,” Kairos rubbed his head.
“Well, actually we don’t want to fight you as we know your mission is from the gods, but orders are orders, so forgive us,” They charged their revolvers and the bullets with star aura and cast star storm on Serene. All the bullets were combined into one and they shot the bullets towards Serene. Waryl quickly dashed to his front and launched wave slash attack on the bullets. Creise helped him by launching two mielstas from the ground and hit the bullets. The bullets were destroyed.
“What the? They are indeed strong, but they won’t defeat us!” They jumped and stabbed Waryl from above using their brass sword. Serene charged her bullets and shot towards the swords. Waryl quickly dashed backwards. The bullets hit the tips and their attacks were deflected backwards and missed.
“Fyen, looks like we have to split.” Nastra told Fyen. Fyen nodded and dashed backwards.
“Don’t ever try to snipe us!” Kairos teleported himself towards Fyen’s back and punched her back. Yet, she was unharmed, grabbed his hands and threw him away. Creise teleported him to Nastra’s back and Kairos hit him. They both smashed the seabed.
“Die, fools!” Fyen shot a bullet from her sniper gun towards Serene.
“A bullet won’t harm me,” Serene deflected the bullet by shooting a bullet towards it. Fyen was shocked. Waryl and Creise dashed towards Fyen and knocked her down using their fists.
“Don’t try to mess with us! So, what is the actual reason behind this?” Serene pointed her gun on Nastra.
“Well, our clan thinks that you are not eligible to become ‘the chosen one’ so we decided to take your holy item by force and embark the mission ourselves. Now you’ve proved to us that you are indeed worthy. We’ll join you,” Nastra answered her.
“Good. But then, is your clan has been rivals with Kairos’ clan?” Waryl asked him.
“Yes, since our ancestors. In fact, our clan has been raging wars with his clan for quite a few times before we joined them. I’m sure that they will try to hunt you down as well,” Fyen stood up and went towards them.
“So, shall we enjoy our break now? I’ll track back and go to the east side afterwards.” Serene asked everyone. They agreed and had their own time.
“Hey Serene, what weapon will you want to trade in with your blade gun then?” Waryl followed and asked her.
“Hmm…I think I want this,” She pointed at a multi purpose semi-auto handgun.
“What? Don’t tell that you want to have various types of bullets to be used?” Waryl felt weird of her choice.
“Of course. Some enemies are resistant towards shell type bullets. I need sword, dart wave, beam, magical and desperado bullets. I think you need to refine your sword as well.” Serene answered him after he looked at his sword which has a few cracks.
“I know that. I wanted to reassemble my sword. Thanks for your reminder,” Waryl answered her and swam away from her. After 30 minutes, they left the village and swam eastwards. The enemies is still around them….


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