Route of Sea(Path 12-Pirate Assault Part Three)

After a few days, they entered Frazo strait, which is on the west side of the Cersque Island. The sea was brighter than Iark strait and the concentration of light aura is slightly larger.
“That’s odd. Why there are no living things near here?” Waryl was shocked.
“Don’t you learn geography? Microorganisms plague here that no other living things can exist here. Get your barriers ready,” Serene scolded him. They all cast barrier on themselves. Suddenly, a ship was lying above them and lots of laser beams was directed to them. The ship’s laser guns were also attached to its bottom, making hiding beneath the ship impossible.
“Those scumbags must be destroyed!” A captain shouted. Waryl charged his sword and launched an umbrella shaped slash wave towards the ship.
“It’s no use. It is guarded by a strong barrier,” Nastra told him and the slash wave was blocked.
“That ship is a barrier protected ship. We need something powerful to sink it.” Fyen told everyone.
“If that’s the case….” Serene smiled wickedly. She took out his bazooka, charged it with electric aura and shot the rocket towards the sky.
“This woman is indeed crazy,” Kairos and Creise were shocked. The rocket hit the ship, but the barrier blocked it and the explosion, which causing it to shatter, but the laser beams were still shot on them.
“What? This rocket can only destroy the barrier?” Serene became angry and took out her machine gun.
“Better act fast before she gone berserk,” Waryl charged his sword with metal aura and launched slash waves towards the guns. The guns were destroyed. The ship was teleported away.
“They will have some hard time repairing it,” Kairos smiled. Suddenly, a mini submarine, about half the size of a white shark, was heading towards them.
“They are indeed serious on this matter,” Creise charged her mielsta and threw it towards the submarine. It was deflected instead. It shot a few homing torpedoes. Kairos quickly took out his sonar cannon and destroyed them using sonar pulses. Then, six iron swords were formed in front of the submarine and launched towards them.
“I thought that the swords are made from stainless steel,” Nastra charged his fists and destroyed the swords by punching them. Fyen took the chance and shot a screw bullet towards the submarine. The submarine was sunk onto the seabed.
“Whoa, that was close. I’m sure that they were pissed off by now,” Serene laughed.
“Does she behave like that?” Nastra asked Waryl.
“Well, she is indeed like that since I joined her. She is quite crazy at times,” Waryl bad mouthed her.
“Even we feel that she is a weirdo,” Kairos and Creise sighed.
“Hey folks, I think we better be careful onwards. I sensed some other forces guarding areas in front of us,” Serene told everyone.
“You have to get rid of them all as you caused the problem to us. Don’t worry, we’ll aid you if we have to,” Nastra warned her.
“Oh? I think that they want to kill traitors as well,” Serene bad mouthed him. They laughed and continued swimming. Things are getting more lively now….


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