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Route of Sea(Path 41-Going Nowhere)

August 31, 2009

They all went out from the cave and continued swam northwards. They seemed to know nothing about where they should go.
“We are now in the Fen Ocean. We can have some nice rest somewhere near the islands, but then….” Serene tried to tell the others to get some rest but,
“This is our territory. You outsiders….” Suddenly, a man wearing sailor’s clothing with a weird badge swam towards them. The badge has three parallel swords pointing downwards and another three pointing rightwards behind them.
“I understand. We have no intends to bring those fights into your clan so don’t worry,” Kairos and Nastra replied him. He swam away from them. The others felt weird why they said such a thing.
“Who is that guy? And that badge…I never seen that before,” Fyen was wondering if there are any clans other than the ones she, Nastra and Kairos was in.
“He is from the Vrojae clan, a neutral clan that loves peace. Our clans, despite in a long war, never have any battles in the Fen Ocean as a respect over that clan’s peace policy,” Nastra answered him.
“So, should we continue to north or go to Straga Island? I’ll go anywhere,” Serene asked everyone.
“I think it’s better we go to Straga Island. We haven’t really have rest lately,” Creise told everyone.
“Yep,” Waryl and Kairos agreed with her. They continued swam northwards and arrived at the island a few days later. Oddly, there saw nothing but “a cliff”.
“Hey, the underwater area is at the back,” A guard who was guarding the area told them. They swam around the island and saw the underwater town. The houses were built as if they were in land. The houses mimicked the color of the sea, giving some sort of the optical illusion. The houses were scattered all over the area, though.
“Hmm…where should we go?” Serene was confused where to go, perhaps this is the first time she stepped in the northern lands. Then, a man with large body size, wearing like the guard, but added with a hat, a pair of insignias oh his shoulder and a chest plate went towards them.
“I heard that you are the chosen one for one of the holy weapons, huh? I have some valuable information for you. Let’s talk somewhere more comfortable,” He, with a few personal bodyguards of his, dragged them into his office, which is located at the center of the town. There was only a round table with some chairs in the room.
“What do you want, old man?” Serene asked him as if he is trying to imprison them.
“Watch your words or here’s your grave!” One of his bodyguards aimed a machine gun on Serene.
“Hold on. She’s known for her rudeness,” He told the body guards to stop. “My name is Bazre Krasne, the president of the Vrojae clan. We received reports that demons are now lurking around the Fen Ocean. We request your assistance in northern areas as we lose some men to them. I suspect that they were guarding a cave near Esqrei Island. Hopefully this will help you on your mission,” Bazre told everyone.
“I understand. Thank you for your information,” Serene and the others went out from the office and stocked their supplies.
“Should we start now?” Waryl asked Serene.
“No. We need rest after fighting inside Scile cave,” Kairos interrupted them. They left the town and rested on the seabed. Another mission starts….


Route of Sea(Path 40-The Khérista Part Twelve)

August 30, 2009

“Well, looks like we have to fight,” Waryl charged his sword with yin yang aura and launched a few slash waves towards her. She blocked them and turned them into moon shaped blades and lunched them towards him. He dodged them, jumped towards her back and cross slashed her. She was pushed to the front and accidentally hit the moon shaped blades. Waryl launched a few slash waves towards her but she jumped backwards and shot a few laser beams towards him. He dashed backwards to avoid them.
“You are indeed skillful, but I’ll dig your grave here!” She charged herself with acid aura, flowed them into her sword and launched an encased acid blast towards him. The acid was neutralized when Waryl charged his sword with alkali aura and launched an encased alkali blast towards it. He dashed towards her while launching a few pulsar slash waves towards her. She deflected them and blocked his slash.
“I will make sure that you will fill the grave!” He flowed some ice aura into her arms to freeze her arms and slashed her legs. She was injured and healed herself. She kicked her and plus slashed (making a plus shaped slash) him. He was injured and his armor was broken into four pieces. She pointed her sword onto the ground and attempted to launch a rising ground wave but he broke her sword.
“You…how dare you…I won’t forgive this!” She recovered her sword, charged it and stabbed the ground. Some slash waves were launched towards him from where he stepped on. He was injured, but he ignored the injury and rammed her towards the wall. Then, he jumped backwards and healed himself, waiting her for her next move.
“Come on, demon. Aren’t you wanted to kill me?” He shouted at her. She jumped towards him and attempted to knock him out using her sword’s hilt, but he slammed his sword on her face as if he was swinging a baseball club. She was thrown away, but she quickly retaliated by launching a few slash waves towards him. He blocked them and dashed backwards.
“Arrogant,” She charged her sword with steam aura and dashed towards him.
“She is such a fool, unless…!” He jumped towards her back and attempted to stab her, but she spun around him and slashed his back. He was wounded at his back, despite the heat was quickly dissipated by the seawater. He healed himself and dashed away from her. He attempted to the same thing again but this time he dashed away from her and launched a few slash waves towards her. She blocked them, but he dashed towards her and stabbed through her sword. She was injured, but she slashed him away.
“I won’t allow you to get rid of me!” She healed herself and launched a few ground waves towards him. He dodged them and launched a few laser beams towards her. She absorbed them as photons in her sword and dashed towards him, attempting to launch a laser blade while slashing him, yet,
“You are dead,” He strafed to his left and launched a wave slash attack on her. She was fainted and teleported away. He continued swimming and reach the dead end, where a saint wearing a Taoist clothing waited for him.
“What do you want?” Waryl pointed his sword on the Taoist.
“I warn you, don’t ever try to rebel on us or you shall feel the wrath,” He took out a bronze sword and pointed it towards Waryl.
“The chosen one is not yours,” He became angry.
“It is not yours either,” The Taoist shouted.
“I will make sure that I’m with her forever,” He swam away from him, back to the entrance.
“Ignorant. I can’t believe that there are saints who refused to go back,” The Taoist teleported himself away. This is not the time they take rest yet….

Route of Sea(Path 39-The Khérista Part Eleven)

August 29, 2009

Creise charged her mielsta and launched a few crescent slash waves towards it but it jumped towards her back and slashed her using its claws. She jumped away while healing herself.
“This beast is very fast,” She launched another few towards it while dashing randomly in a zigzag formation. The movements confused it, making it waiting around for her to slip and fell onto the ground while blocking them using its claws. The claws strength seemed to be hiding some sort of weakness.
“Oh no!” She suddenly skidded and fell onto the ground. It stomped the ground and a few shockwaves were launched towards her. She jumped and avoided the shockwaves but it jumped and rammed her towards the wall. It ran backwards and jumped again, attempting to finish it off but she jumped and threw her mielsta towards it, as if it was a spear. It pierced through the cerberus’s body and it fell onto the ground.
“Whoa, that was dangerous,” She teleported the mielsta back to her. She continued to swim further but the cerberus woke up and healed itself. It charged itself with wind aura and charged towards her. She jumped towards her back while launching some slash waves towards it. It was unharmed and spun around her. It howled on her, giving small wounds everywhere.
“What the….” She dashed backwards and healed herself. It jumped and attempted to stomp on her. She jumped and avoided the attack but a shockwave was formed and pushed her towards the ceiling. She fell onto the ground slowly. The cerberus jumped and attempted to slash her with its claws but she launched a few crescent slash waves towards it. Then, she launched the blade towards it. It was injured and fell onto the ground. A shockwave was formed again but this time, she cast barrier to protect herself.
“Persistent,” She teleported the blade back towards her mielsta. A few seconds later, it woke up and healed itself again. She wondered how much times it will heal itself and continue attacking her. This time, it charged itself with ice aura and launched some large sized ice shards towards her. She barely dodged them and got her suit ripped. She did the same on her mielsta but they were destroyed by the creberus’s claws.
“Damn…” She started to lose some stamina. She charged herself with electric aura and launched a few encased electric pulses towards it but they were absorbed as electric aura and it dashed towards her. She charged her mielsta with fire aura and threw it as if it was a lance. It evaded the attack and continued dashing towards her. The mielsta, which was looked like a chain lance, moved itself back towards her, piercing through the cerberus’s body and turned it into dusts.
“Phew,” She was too tired and started to discharge her aura. 15 minutes later, she stood up and continued to swim towards the dead end. She found the Khérista, an upgraded version of the mielsta, with Lacrei (an alloy made from 15% of titanium, 25% of aluminum, 20% of copper and 40% of scandium) chain and Kafrans (an alloy made from 50% palladium, 25% of iridium and 25% of indium) sword blade, which is 10 meters in length overall.
“Use it well to aid the chosen one. Finally, I can rest after all….” The mysterious sound appeared again and faded for the last time, as his final wish was completed.
“10 years aren’t a short time….” Creise sighed and went back to the entrance. At the meantime,
“Oh, you are the son of the exiled couple, aren’t you?” A humanoid demon, with dark wings and black plate armor, taunted Waryl.
“It is not your concern,” Waryl took out his sword.
“I cannot allow you to live,” She took out a halberd, which has three diamond shaped blades attached to a round blade. They both stared each other, knowing that only one of them will survive. The battle is unavoidable….

Route of Sea(Path 38-The Khérista Part Ten)

August 28, 2009

“This is what you’ve said,” Serene charged her salamander guns with ice aura and shot an ice ignalial spell bullet towards the saint. The bullets hit her, but the spells were dodged. She dashed towards Serene and slashed her. She was wounded, but it was quickly healed. Serene dashed backwars, trying to stay away from her. Then, she shot a few bullets towards the saint while dashing towards her. She blocked the shots, but she was kicked at the knees and pushed a few meters away. She retaliated by launching a wave slash attack towards Serene, but she jumped and dodged the attacks.
“This is not sufficient as a chosen one!” The saint launched another slash wave towards Serene, which was missed, but she was hit by a few rocks dropped from the ceiling. She fell onto the ground. The saint charged her lance and threw it towards her. She cast barrier to protect herself, but it was shattered quickly, at least it did not pierced through her body. She caught it and threw it back towards the saint.
“Take this,” She charged her guns and shot a few laser bullets towards the saint. Then, she charged his bullets, turned them into mini rockets and launched them towards the saint.
“…pathetic,” She destroyed the bullets and the missiles and dashed towards Serene. Serene was surprised by her skills. She took out a pair of gun barrels and attached them on her guns.
“What about this, huh?” She charged her bullets with electric aura and shot a few encased electric magnarid bullets towards the saint. She absorbed the spell as the lance’s electric aura and dashed towards Serene. She attempted to launch a wave slash attack on Serene but she was stopped when Serene charged her bullets with wind and sky auras and shot a few cyclone bullets onto the ground. The wind was blowing fast from the cyclones formed on the seabed and the saint was unable to advance. Yet, she launched a few slash waves which was unaffected by the cyclones towards Serene. She jumped and dodged them while waiting for the cyclones to fade. A few seconds later, the cyclones were faded and the saint continued to dash towards Serene.
“Take this and get lost!” She charged her lance with electric aura again and launched a wave slash attack on Serene. She bicycle kicked her and the attack was missed. Serene injured her further by shooting a few wood ignalial spell bullets towards her. She dashed backwards and knelt down in front of Serene.
“You won the battle. Please proceed to the portal,” She stood up and pointed towards the portal. Serene walked into the portal and appeared in the realm of saint again.
“Good job, Serene. This is the first cross. Get another one,” A mysterious sound appeared and a white cross was in her hands. She took it and she was teleported back to the cave.
“So, I have to get another one…where is it?” Serene dived back towards the entrance, wondering why she was chosen by the gods.
“Hey, you missed something!” The saint yelled at her. Serene went back towards her and took a few cartridges for her guns.
“Thanks!” Serene smiled at her and swam back to the entrance. At the meantime,
“So you’ve come here,” A mysterious sound appeared from nowhere.
“Well, what should I do?” Creise asked it.
“Continue your journey and get the Khérista. Remember that there is enemy around here so be careful,” The sound replied her and faded.
“Thanks. I’ll complete your last wish,” Creise continued to dive but a cerberus blocked her way. She took out her mielsta and prepared for a battle. This one will not be easy….

Route of Land(Path 37-The Khérista Part Nine)

August 28, 2009

Kairos dodged the attack and attached a pair of sonar cannons on his shoulders. He reversed the barrel connections.
“What? 1-2-3 formation? This guy’s gone nuts,” The cannonman launched another few shots towards him. He charged his cannons and launched a pair of double helix wave pulse. The shots were destroyed. Then, he launched another shot but the cannonman quickly dashed to his back using the dimensional shift spell. He was shot at his back, but the shots were stuck inside the cannon.
“Taste this!” Kairos spun around him and his neck was knocked by Kairos’s cannon. He was pushed a few meters away, but he quickly jumped and launched another few shots. This time, the cannons were exploded as they hit the stuck bullet. He threw the cannons away and took out a hook wand. It has a sickle shaped tip at its end. He charged it with photons and launched a few laser beams towards Kairos. Kairos absorbed them as photons in his cannons and shoot them back towards him.
“Fool,” He absorbed them into his wand and stabbed it onto the ground. Laser beams were launched from where Kairos was standing. He jumped towards the wall and performed a kick jump. The attacks were missed. Then, he shot a few sonar wave pulses towards the ceiling. The wave pulses were reflected towards the cannonman but he managed to dodge them by dashing backwards. He charged his wand with fire aura and cast fire astraea on Kairos.
“Since when he learned how to cast spells?” He dashed backwards to avoid the spell but he was still hit by the heat waves launched from the magic circles formed on his feet and above his head. He fell onto the ground. The cannonman attempted to cast the spell again but he was hit by a few sonar wave pulses and he was unable to cast the spell. Kairos quickly charged his cannons with water aura and launched a few water blasts towards the cannonman. He jumped and threw his wand while charging himself with poison aura. The wand turned into a sea snake but it was quickly “killed” when Kairos shot a few wave pulses towards it. The wand was restored and he took it.
“Die,” He slashed Kairos and kicked him. He smashed the wall and injured his back. The cannonman charged his wand with electric aura but the aura was dissipated when Kairos shot a few wave pulses towards the wand. He shot another few but the cannonman dodged them, dashed towards him and launched a wave slash attack towards him. Kairos knocked his shoulders and jumped away from him.
“I’m still alive, you wimp!” Kairos reversed the attachment of the two barrels at the front, forming a 1-3-2 formation. He charged his cannons with rock aura and shot the ground. The rocks on the seabed float and directed towards the cannonman. He dodged them and ran towards Kairos while shooting some laser beams towards him, but he absorbed them and launched the laser beams back towards the cannonman. “Get lost,” He dashed towards the cannonman, charged his cannons and launched a pair of double helix sonar wave pulses. The pulses hit the cannonman and he was hit. The rocks which were launched just now hit him out of his consciousness. He was teleported away.
“How impudent and ignorant. Hmm…let me search around this area,” Kairos continued his diving and found a few very small sized barrels along with a letter, which wrote,

“Dear whoever who finds this,

This barrel allows you to form a four barrel formation on your cannon. Use it well.

Yours Truly,
Acienta Isqre”
“I’ll take this, I guess,” He took them and kept them into his dimensional storage. He dived back towards the entrance. At the meantime,
“What the heck you are talking about?” Serene was shocked when she saw a white portal and a saint, which was wearing white coat and holding a sword spear.
“Defeat me,” She dashed towards Serene. The battle begins….

Route of Sea(Path 36-The Khérista Part Eight)

August 27, 2009

“Long time no see, traitor,” A fist fighter, who is wearing Aquarheo (a special type of underwater material which is 300 times stronger than Kevlar) suit, which was green in color and the same knuckles used by Nastra.
“Yeah, we fight for nonsensical reasons and it is time to stop now!” Nastra shouted at him.
“No, as long as I am Cicarta Asquilo, the treasurer of Pharkof clan!” Cicarta charged his knuckles with fire aura and dashed towards him.
“So, I must beat you in a pulp, I guess,” Nastra spun around him and punched his back. He was pushed a few meters away but he turned his back and launched a few heat waves towards Nastra. Nastra absorbed them as his knuckles’ fire aura and punched the ground. Some heat waves rose from the seabed and struck him. He was slightly injured.
“Is this what you’ve learned from me?” He dashed towards Nastra and punched him a few time. He smashed the wall and was injured. Yet, he healed himself and jumped. “Impact blow!” He charged his fists and dashed towards Cicarta. Cicarta cast barrier and repelled his attack. He was kicked at his stomach and thrown away. Cicarta quickly dashed towards him again and kicked his back. He smashed the ceiling and fell down onto the seabed slowly.
“Ha! This is what you get when you betray us!” Cicarta charged his knuckles with rock aura and punched the ground. Nastra cast aura dispersal to protect himself. A rock stalagmite struck up from the ground, but upon reaching him, it was turned back into rock aura. He absorbed them, changed them into non-elemental aura and healed himself.
“It seems like I don’t get anything,” He stood in front of Cicarta. Cicarta quickly dashed towards him and attempted to punch him, but he held his hand and the attack was blocked. Cicarta launched another punch, which was also blocked as well.
“What about this?” Cicarta attempted to kick Nastra but he quickly dashed backwards and launched a punch wave towards Cicarta. He dodged them and slid on the ground. Nasta jumped away but he was hit when Cicarta launched a few slash waves towards him. Cicarta jumped and attempted to kick him but he spun himself and kicked his forehead. He was thrown away.
“I guess that your skills are rusted,” They both stood up and stared each other sharply. Nastra charged his knuckles with electric aura and punched the ground. An electric pulse, which was encased, was launched on the ground. Cicarta jumped, charged his knuckles with wind aura and launched a few punch waves towards Nastra. He reflected the punch waves by punching them. The counterattack missed.
“Yours too,” Cicarta charged his legs and launched kick waves repeatedly towards Nastra. He ran around him to avoid his attack.
“This is you demise,” He suddenly stopped and absorbed them as non elemental aura and dashed towards Cicarta. A barrier formed surrounding him and deflected the kick waves launched towards him. He attempted to punch Cicarta, which was lying on the ground. Yet, he was kicked instead and his barrier was shattered.
“….” Nastra quickly punched him and he was heavily injured. “You win. I’ll go,” Cicarta teleported himself away.
“Master….” Nastra sighed. After another few minutes of diving, he found nothing but a letter, with its sides burnt and the color faded into yellow, wrote,
“Dear the one who read this letter,

Please retrieve the Khérista as soon as possible before the demons take them. Only a person who has the tie with the chains can retrieve it.

Yours truly,
Acienta Isqre”
“Demons…looks like we are in trouble, I guess,” Nastra swam away while taking the letter. He did not realize that there are other thing left inside, but they were teleported into his dimensional storage. At the meantime, at the third tunnel,
“Why would you do this to me…captain…?” A cannonman with two titanium ball cannons mounted on his shoulders and wearing Kevlar suit asked Kairos.
“I know, but I think it is the time we change our focus,” Kairos answered him.
“No. The Pharkof clan should be eliminated!” He charged his cannons and launched a few titanium balls towards Kairos. This battle will be as intense as the last one….

Route of Sea(Path 35-The Khérista Part Seven)

August 26, 2009

Fyen took the rod and handed it to him.
“That weaponsmith…I wished that he was still alive,” He sighed and looked to his back. The long way from the entrance reminded him of the weaponsmith who was killed by a minion of demon lord 10 years ago. Suddenly,
“I thought that there is no one here,” Ecano, a human who sided the demons appeared in front of them. His brass armor was emitting dark aura. He assaulted them by launching a few slash waves towards them. They jumped to the side and avoided the slash waves. Fyen took out her sniper and shot a few bullets towards him but he dodged them all. The knight attached the rod obtained just now into his sword’s slot for central blade.
“Wind blast!” He charged his sword with wind aura and shot a wind blast from his sword. Ecano blocked it using his jade sword. Fyen took the chance and shot another few bullets but Ecano spun his sword and blocked the bullets. Such skill made her and the knight shocked.
“What?” Fyen charged her bullets and shot a few bullets towards Ecano’s hands. He strafed to his left and the shots were still blocked. Yet, a few small fragment of jade was visible; perhaps the sword is crack resistant. His dexterity was unbelievable to them.
“….” Ecano charged his sword and launched a few cross shaped slash wave towards them. The knight blocked the slash waves using his sword, but the rod was cracked into five even segments. It was recovered immediately. Some of their energy was absorbed into his sword. He launched a few laser beams as a counterattack. Ecano deflected them towards Fyen by casting mirror on his sword. She absorbed them into her sniper gun and shot a few desperado (sharpened with the sharpness of the tip of a sword/lance/arrow) bullets towards him. He blocked them but the bullets pierced through his sword and hit him.
“They are not simply shot straight. They rotate by themselves,” Fyen charged the sniper again and shot the same bullets again, but this time, Ecano was able to block them using the barrier spell. Then, Ecano dashed towards Fyen, attempting to slash her but the knight dashed towards him and attempted to slash her but he quickly cast attack transfer and Fyen was slashed instead. Fyen quickly took out a pocket knife and cross slashed Ecano. He was pushed towards the knight, who launched a shoot slash attack (an attack which shoot and slash the target at the same time), towards him. He teleported himself 25 meters away from them.
“You are persistent. But what if I do this?” Ecano charged himself with ice aura and sealed them in a dodecahedron shaped seal. “Crush!” He cast the spell and lots of ice shards scratched their skin and damaged their armor. They both fell onto the ground, unable to move. Their healings were unable to recover their paralyzed bodies.
“Damn…the internal damage….” Fyen trying to recover her body but she failed. Suddenly, the knight stood up.
“Using electrical disruption to disable arm and leg movements…smart, but not smart enough,” He charged himself with electric aura and recovered from the paralysis. He walked towards Fyen and encased her in an electrical seal. A few seconds later, she was recovered as well.
“Now, it is our turn,” Fyen removed the sniper scope from her gun and attached an acceleration barrel on it. Then, she shot bullets repeatedly. Ecano dodged the attacks and dashed towards them while launching slash waves on his way, but the knight charged himself with metal aura and rammed towards him like a charging rugby player. An barrier, visible by the flow of the sea water, was protecting him. He deflected the slash waves away and crashed Ecano on a wall. He was heavily injured and teleported away.
“Thanks. We will not meet again, I guess,” The knight teleported himself away.
“Well, I think I don’t have anything to do, I guess,” Fyen swam back towards the entrance. At the meantime, in the second tunnel,
“Tch…knuckles….” Nastra was starting to become anxious. The fight is starting soon….

Route of Sea(Path 34-The Khérista Part Six)

August 25, 2009

Waryl started his attack by launching a few slash waves towards him. He absorbed them into his Molotov cocktail and threw it towards Waryl. Waryl shot a laser beam to make it explode, but the shockwave formed by the explosion damaged him. He charged his sword and dashed towards the grenadier.
“Reckless,” He charged his fists with explosion aura and punched his sword. The explosion injured both of them, but Waryl was injured more as he punched Waryl a few times shortly after that. Waryl dashed to his back and launched a few wave slash attacks (attacks that launch slash waves and slash the enemy at the same time) on him but he was unharmed.
“Shell?” Waryl dashed backwards. He was shocked when he looked at her armor. It was made from platinum, but it was made from lots of square fragments jointed like a shell, giving extra defense compared to normal armor. He charged his sword with rock aura and stabbed the ground.
“Stalagmites? Fool,” The grenadier dashed towards him and the stalagmites attack missed. He charged the explosion aura on his fists again. This time, he strafed to his right and kicked the grenadier’s back.
“What?” He fell onto the seabed and ended up damaged by the explosion formed when his hands hit there. He stood up and threw a few grenades towards Waryl. Waryl dodged them but he was quickly punched at his head and got thrown away.
“Damn….” The grenadier threw a few nitroglycerin bottles towards him. He barely dodged them, but his sword accidentally slashed one of them and they were all exploded. He was injured by the shockwaves from the explosion. He fell onto the seabed. He stood up and healed himself, but he lost some stamina.
“Still standing, huh? Then, what about this?” He took out a bow gun and shot an explosive arrow towards Waryl. Waryl caught the arrow and attached it onto his sword’s tip. He dashed towards the grenadier and launched the wave slash attack again. This time, it was too fast that he was unable to react and pushed 5 meters away.
“Ha! Lose your strength already?” Waryl charged his sword with ice aura and stabbed the ground. Oddly, he just simply stood there. Ice stalagmites struck up from the seabed but they were all absorbed as his ice aura. He flowed it into a few flash bangs and threw it towards Waryl. Waryl was trapped inside an ice hemisphere.
“Not yet!” He cast crush on the ice and the ice scratched and pierced through Waryl’s body. Waryl became weak and fell onto the ground. The vision turned blur and his senses started to become dysfunctional. He was hallucinating, perhaps he was dreaming about Serene.
“What are you doing here, you moron? Stand up and fight!” Serene was scolding him. His injuries were healed.
“Perpare for your last breath!” The grenadier took out a grenade gun and charged it with fire aura. He aimed sharply at Waryl and prepared for a final shot. Suddenly, Waryl teleported himself to his back.
“It is yours,” He cross slashed the grenadier and launched a cross shaped slash wave at the same time. He fell onto the ground out of his consciousness. “Get lost,” He was recovered and teleported away. Back to the first branch,
“Hmm…looks like there is a rod here, but why?” Fyen found a rod in a dead end. Then, suddenly and shell armored knight appeared behind her.
“Give me back my rod!” He shouted. She is now in danger….

Route of Sea(Path 33-The Khérista Part Five)

August 24, 2009

Creise took out her mielsta and threw it. It strangled the hammer. She attempted to pull it away from the Minotaur but it dashed towards her and smashed her body away. She was thrown 15 meters away.
“Wimp,” He continued dashing towards her. This time she threw it towards its leg and it fell onto the ground. Its head knocked its hammer and got injured. It stood up and dashed backwards. Then, it charged its hammer and smashed the ground, forming a shockwave towards her. She blocked it using the barrier spell but she was injured when it teleported itself to her back and knocked her. She reacted by striking her mielsta on the handle. The hammer was broken and its head was thrown away.
“Your hammer is broken. Now what’s next?” She dashed backwards and healed herself. Her blade on her mielsta was cracked.
“This is it!” It jumped towards her and attempted to punch her, but he quickly recovered her mielsta and swung her mielsta in clockwise formation. The attack was blocked and the Minotaur’s arm was injured, but a shockwave was formed and she was injured. The shafts in the mielsta were broken too. She was pushed 5 meters away as well.
“Its strength….” She recovered the weapon again and charged it with electric aura. “Electric dash!” She threw the mielsta straight towards it. Oddly, the chain was straight. It pierced through its body and it was electrocuted. Yet, it was slightly injured.
“You think you can defeat me?” It healed itself and dashed towards her, trying to ram her to the wall. She dodged the attack, but the strong wind slightly wounded her. It quickly spun around her and punched her back, but she quickly cast barrier to protect herself, which ended up broken into pieces. It gave another kick towards her and she smashed the wall.
“Yes,” She cast damage transfer on herself, but the Minotaur was unharmed and the walls were cracked instead, perhaps it transferred the damage to the surroundings. She was healed, but her stamina dropped. She started to show signs of exhaustion, due to the stamina and aura costs of the spell. Still, she was spirited to fight.
“Your body can’t handle the spell?” The Minotaur charged itself and jumped. Its movements were rather slow.
“I’m not done with you yet!” She stood directly below her, trying to throw her mielsta directly upwards. She charged her mielsta but she was smashed onto the ground when it cast fast drop on itself. She fell onto the ground and hurt her right arm as it stepped on that part.
“Ha! I’m done with you,” It attempted to step on her body to finish her, but she quickly strangled its leg using her mielsta and it fell onto the ground. She quickly stood up and recovered her right arm.
“You are forcing me to do this,” She charged her mielsta with metal aura and dashed towards the Minotaur, which was stood up. “Infinite slash!” She swung her chain in an infinity symbol shaped pattern repeatedly. It turned into dusts. She looked at the front, perhaps trying to sense any demons nearby.
“No one else here,” She continued her diving. At the meantime, in the sixth tunnel,
“Oh no, looks like I have to deal with the pirates again,” Waryl’s hands were shivering.
“Where is Kairos?” A grenadier wearing fire suit asked him.
“Over my body to find it out!” He attached the shield reinforce jewel on the sword’s center and charged it. He will face a hard opponent….

Route of Sea(Path 32-The Khérista Part Four)

August 23, 2009

The pirate started his attack by shooting a few heat bullets towards Serene. She blocked the shots using her own beam bullets. He was shocked by her precision in shooting.
“No wonder you are called ‘the sniper eye’,” He told her using a low pitched sound.
“Am I really that famous?” Serene asked her. She seemed to doubt his words.
“You don’t discover that because those words spread northwards,” He charged his gun with fire aura.
“Oh, really?” She charged her blade gun and shot a sword shaped laser beam towards him. He blocked them by shooting some heat bullets. He quickly reloaded the bullets.
“Those old revolvers…how odd….” She dashed towards his back but her legs were shot when he shot backwards towards her. He knocked her and dashed away from her.
“Try to slash me? I have no weak spots,” He shot another few bullets indirectly towards her. She jumped and shot a few laser beams towards him. He kept his gun into his dimensional storage and took out a pair of esquadria. They shaped like a side-handle baton, but there is a launching pod within the body of it. The missiles used were attacked to a mini-sized sword blade. The handle had a button for shooting laser beams. The laser beams were blocked exactly on the tips of the blades.
“Showing his true power? Go on!” Serene charged her blade gun with wind aura and cast wind ignalial on her blade gun. She shot a few bullets through the magic circle formed at its front.
“Spell bullets?” He dashed backwards and dodged the bullets. The wind formed on the ground dragged him towards the magic circle and he was thrown upwards. He charged his esquadria with gravitons and shot some laser beams upwards. He fell onto the ground slowly.
“What the?” Serene charged her guns with fire aura and shot a few fire ignalial bullets towards him. He deflected the shots by shooting some laser beams towards. The spell bullets hit the wall, but the spell was not cast, perhaps due to orientation errors.
“Her shots were very accurate and challenging my shooting precision. I must be careful,” He charged his esquadria and shot a few missiles towards her. She dashed towards him while destroying the missiles by swinging her blade gun a few times.
“Perhaps this is good time to do the trick,” She stabbed her blade gun into his body. Next, she pulled it out while pulling the trigger. A sword shaped laser was formed and injured him further. The laser blade was pulled away. Then, she launched the laser blade towards him.
“I’m still fighting!” He launched a few missiles and some laser beams towards her. She dashed away from him in a zigzag formation, but the missiles hit her as they were homing types.
“Now you are finished!” He launched another few missiles towards her, but she shot a few laser beams and they were exploded. Dusts flew from the ground, covering their sights. Serene sensed his movements and shot a salvo of bullets towards him. He was hit and fell onto the ground.
“Get up. You’ve lost already,” She dashed into the dusts and pointed her gun towards his head.
“You are quite skilled, I must say,” He stood up and kept his esquadria into his dimensional storage.
“Let’s go. We won’t know what lurks inside,” They continued their diving.
At the meantime, at the fifth branch,
“A demon…looks like what the guard said is true,” Creise saw a Minotaur blocking her way.
“Looks like the chosen one is somewhere else. Tell me where she is!” It took out a huge steel hammer and dashed towards her. The battle is not easy….