Route of Sea(Path 13-First Break)

Two days later, they arrived at Scratr underwater town. The houses are sunken and wrecked ships which are scattered everywhere, giving the creepy feeling to the outsiders.
“No wonder this place has no tourists except for ghost seekers,” Serene told everyone.
“Welcome!” A guard, dressed like a dancer greeted them.
“Man, are they really desperate to get tourists?” Waryl was shocked.
“It can’t be helped. The town has only ghost seekers as their source of tourists since the town is opened. But lately, this town is used for emergency training so they don’t dress formally,” Kairos explained to him.
“It is obvious. There was a legend said that any ship which crossing here will sunk, but there was two ships sailing together through here and passed the straits,” Creise replied him.
“One of them is from my clan and another is from Kairos’ clan,” Nastra told everyone.
“This is a reason why they become rivals…to determine which clan is stronger,” Fyen sighed.
“Can’t we just co-operate and fight those evil pirates?” Kairos sighed too.
“Yeah, do you two know each other before?” Serene asked Kairos and Creise.
“Well, I do meet her a few times before I met you for the first time. In fact, she’s quite a nice and cute girl back then,” Kairos felt shy.
“What? So, who am I now, huh?” Creise asked Kairos with a threatening tone.
“You are very elegant. Looks like you’ve mastered your skills on your mielsta. I just wondered how can increase you proficiency of my usage of my sonar cannon,” Kairos sighed and Creise blushed.
“You used the sonar cannons well, but if you want to improve your proficiency, you have to modify your cannon. I don’t want to insult you here, but your technical skills suck,” Serene told him.
“What? Are you sure of that?” Waryl asked her.
“You are not the first one to criticize my technical skills. Can you modify this for me?” Kairos took out his sonar cannons and handed them to Serene.
“Hmm…I think I can make this into a blasting weapon,” Serene started her modifications. A few hours later,
“Whoa, your technical skill is great,” Fyen praised her.
“The Azrigan sonar cannon…looks like you reduced it from 1 meter long to 40 centimeters long and changed the barrel so that the waves will move smoothly. This weapon is indeed suitable for him,” Nastra added. “Perhaps I’ll have you repair my damaged knuckles then. I wanted to use fist skills, but I just use guns as the only knuckles I have is damaged,” He handed his broken knuckles to Serene. The knuckles were shaped like a fence and they were rusty. She recovered them using the recover spell.
“Physical fighters should know some spells,” Creise reminded Nastra. Serene handed the weapons back to their owners.
“I think I’ll be able to unleash the weapon’s full potential. Looks like this weapon is easier to use,” Kairos was happy when he looked at the sonar cannons.
“Well, let’s see…what should we do now?” Serene was thinking what to do next. Suddenly, a knight wearing heavy armor walked towards them.
“Hand me the holy item or I’ll kill you all!” He shouted at them.
“No way!” Serene shouted at him back. Another fight starts….


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