Route of Sea(Path 14-Weapon Testing)

“Let us fight. We have to test these weapons in a real combat situation, isn’t it?” Kairos and Nastra asked everyone.
“If you got killed, we’ll dump you,” Serene warned them.
“You won’t,” Nastra winked at Serene.
“I’ll be safe,” Kairos told Creise. They dashed towards the knight.
“Single helical sonar blast!” Kairos charged his new cannon and shot the blast. The sonar wave pulses, shaped like a single strand of DNA, were launched. His armor was cracked.
“Trinadras punch strike!” Nastra charged his knuckles and launched the attack. He punched them into his body, pulled them out and launched another set of upward and downward punches. The armor was shattered, but they were shocked when they saw he was wearing another layer of titanium plate armor.
“No wonder he is not…” Kairos was attacked suddenly and he was thrown away back towards Serene and the others. Creise quickly healed him and Kairos returned to confront the knight. Nastra charged his fists and launched a few punch waves, but they were deflected by his sword.
“You should have finished me off earlier,” He charged his sword and dashed towards them too swiftly that they can’t see his moves and Nastra was slashed. Kairos shot him with a few sonar pulses but he evaded them and Kairos was slashed. They healed themselves but their stamina was drained.
“….” Kairos shot a projectile sonar pulse directly upwards and dashed himself backwards. Nastra quickly dashed towards him and launched a few wave punch attacks on him. He avoided the attacks and kicked Nastra away. He dashed towards Kairos but his head was hit by the projectile sonar pulse and fell onto the ground.
“Take this!” Nastra dashed towards him and punched him but he quickly jumped away.
“So, I’ve underestimated you after all,” He charged his fists and punched the ground.
“Oh, invisible shockwaves?” Nastra did the same and the shockwaves cancelled each other. Kairos quickly charged his sonar cannon and shot sonar pulses on him. He was unharmed, protected by the titanium armor.
“You can’t destroy my armor!” He dashed towards Nastra, but Nastra punched his hands, took his sword and slashed him. His armor was cracked. Nastra quickly punched him and he was pushed away.
“Take this!” Kairos attached a sword blade on the barrel of each cannon and shot a few slash waves on him. He dodged the slash waves and dashed towards Kairos, but Nastra ran towards him and punched his armor. His armor was destroyed. Kairos quickly charged his blades with earth aura and stabbed him. He teleported himself away.
“That’s quite good, isn’t it?” Kairos asked Nastra.
“You two are wimps!” Serene scolded them.
“But we managed to defeat him, isn’t it?” Nastra wondered what is Serene mad about.
“You two are too depending on your new weapon. You should rely on something more solid,” Serene scolded them again.
“Well, at least that will help us a lot when we deal with demons later on,” Kairos calmed her.
“Good. Let’s go. The next underwater area with humans is located at the end of straits so be prepared to catch fish,” Serene told everyone and they continued their journey. They don’t realize dangers which lurks ahead….


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