Route of Sea(Path 15-Cavern Exploration Part One)

While they were swimming through the strait, at the middle,
“There’s a cave nearby. Perhaps the second holy item is inside the cave. Let’s go and check it out,” Serene saw a hole on the seabed and decided to dive inside. Surprisingly, the tunnel has crystals attached to it.
“These crystals seemed to be picked up some time ago,” Creise told everyone.
“Be careful. This might be the pirates’ work,” Nastra warned everyone. They continued diving and they found out that the cave has two branches ahead.
“So, where are we going?” Kairos asked Serene.
“Let’s split up. Guys go to the left and girls go to the right,” Serene swam towards the right branch. Fyen and Creise followed her while the others swam through the left branch.
“Are you sure about this?” Fyen asked Serene.
“We can always back track if we realized that we are on the wrong way,” Serene answered her. While they were exploring the pathways,
“I don’t see any monsters around here. Is this place haunted?” Creise asked Fyen.
“I think it is the work of someone else. Perhaps someone has taken lead on us. Bear in mind that ships move faster than us,” Fyen reminded her. Suddenly, a stinger (a knight who masters pole fighting techniques) appeared in front of them. His zinc armor looked very sturdy.
“Looks like the chosen one is here. Prove to me that you are worthy to become one!” He charged his Krosiden (a sword which has its blades changed into three straight lances, named after the forger) sword.
“Stay back, you two. This is his grudge against my qualifications as the chosen one,” Serene told them and charged her bullets. They started to stare each other knowing that any first attack will lead to a counter which always hits.
“….” He launched a few slash waves towards Serene. Serene avoided the slash waves and shot him indirectly by shot onto the ground.
“What?” Serene was shocked when his bullet was blocked by his sword.
“Your gun skill is superb, but too bad my accuracy is as good as yours,” He charged his sword again and dashed towards her.
“You are too reckless don’t you?” Serene shot the ground again and this time it hit his feet and he fell onto the ground. Serene shot another few but he quickly rolled himself and evaded the attack.
“Of course I’m not!” He jumped and attempted to stab her but he missed and got shot on his stomach instead. She quickly dashed away and charged her bullets again.
“My cartridge is almost used up. I must change it quickly,” Serene became anxious.
“Tch…out of bullets? How pathetic,” He charged his sword and stabbed the ground.  Shockwaves formed onto the ground and spread towards her. She quickly changed the cartridge and shot a few bullets towards him. The shockwaves were stopped, but the bullets were dropped onto the ground too.
“Now it’s my turn,” Serene charged his gun with water aura and cast water pulse storm on her gun.  A magic circle appeared in front of the gun. She shot the bullets and hydro cyclones were formed around them.
“What?” He tried to block them but his sword was broke into pieces and the cyclones hit him instead. He teleported himself away.
“Let’s go. We won’t know what awaits us next,” Serene told everyone and they continued their diving. They will encounter more enemies….


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